Smash Gets a Shake Up Courtesy of New Head Honcho

Ask and you shall receive, as the old adage goes…but rarely does it turn out that way.  This time around though, it seems my Smash prayers have been answered (at least a little), as the show’s new head honcho, Josh Safran has just announced some cuts for next season and first on his list…Ellis.

It’s true that I’ve been no fan of the sneaky underhanded assistant all season and his firing in the season finale may have been one of my favorite parts, however, I certainly expected to see him back wreaking havoc next season as a bitter ex employee.  While he may still appear in a couple episodes to sew up story lines, Ellis (Jaime Cepero) will not be back as a regular cast member and I can’t say I’m sorry (no offense to Mr. Cepero himself).Say goodbye to these characters on NBC's Smash

Ellis isn’t the only character to get the boot, as it seems Safran is cleaning house to make way for some new story lines for season two. Also not returning next season as a regular cast member is Julia’s husband, Frank (Brian d’Arcy James) who had been contemplating leaving his wife all season after discovering her affair with “Bombshell’s” leading man, Michael Swift (Will Chase).  This story line will seemingly be almost nonexistent next season since the Swift character will be getting the axe as well, leaving Julia without any man in her life at all (except her son, Leo, of course).

The final cut that was announced today was that of Karen’s sleazy boyfriend, Dev (Raza Jaffrey), whose proposal was somewhat null and void after having been caught cheating. This leaves me to wonder if Safran is planning on exploring the chemistry that seems to be constantly emerging between Derek (Jack Davenport) and Karen (Katherine McPhee). 

With so many shake ups in the cast and behind the scenes, fans are left to wonder if the show will even be recognizable when it returns for season two. Sadly for us, we have a long wait, as Smash doesn’t return until winter with the season two premiere.  Let’s just hope it’s worth the wait.


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It will be worth the wait, I'm sure.. Will Chase I will be so so sorry to see leave, as will my 12 yr old daughter who agrees with me that he is a doll ! Oh and he sings damn well also :) To borrow a phrase from many years ago, he is just so dreamy !

Ellis...glad he's gone too, not only was i NOT a fan, but don't think he was so great of an actor. I did hope he'd get the boot just a little further up there though. It was too painless in my opinion.

I called the Jack/ Katharine angle way back in the beginning and hope they do explore that.  Ben I'm not so crazy about either and Leo, well, he's the biggest baby I've ever seen for an 18 yr old. So you're parents are having some problems and seperating??? He acts as if the end of the world is coming. With his pouting and petualnt behavior I thought at first he was a special needs kid, like maybe autistic or aspergers, but no, just a big ole mama's boy! Grow a pair son, you're going off to school and starting your own life.

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