Haley Ramm Dishes on ‘Chasing Life’s’ Relationships, Labels and Half-Sisters

Actress Haley Ramm

‘Chasing Life’ has quickly become one of my favourite summer indulgences. While on the surface it reads as a “cancer drama,” underneath it has a wonderful mix of lighthearted moments, humour, wit and charm to round out the more serious undertones. The summer season is starting to wind down to a close and the characters on ‘Chasing Life’ are getting thrown curveballs left and right. The most recent episode was very Brenna centric and allowed actress Haley Ramm to explore and develop much more of her character.

Ramm’s character, Brenna, has made leaps and bounds since the first episode of ‘Chasing Life.’ Once a rebellious and angry teen, Brenna is now slowly getting herself on a straight and narrow path. However, Ramm says that fans can probably not expect her to always act like the perfect little sister. “I don’t think she is going to be entirely straight and narrow, but she definitely steps up for her family. Before I knew where any of the scripts were going I thought maybe they would send her down an even darker path because she was a little rough to begin with, but they didn’t. She keeps stepping up for her family. I think a situation like that makes you realize the important things in life and teaches you not to dwell on the little things. Even her “high school problems” she doesn’t see as big problems anymore. She can get past it because there is more to life than those little mundane issues.”

Brenna and Greer kiss on Chasing Life

Much of Brenna’s change in attitude was a direct result of learning about her sister April’s cancer, however her relationship with Greer has had a huge effect on her life. The way that ‘Chasing Life’ has seamlessly and openly embraced and introduced a relationship between two young women has been both refreshing and exciting to watch. Ramm says she is very pleased with how their relationship has progressed so far. “It is definitely progressing. Looking back on filming those episodes it was really fun to see how they were leading up to what was going to happen.” She added, “I think a lot of people were really happy about it and that made me really excited. It is a really fun relationship to be a part of. To play a young girl who is going through that and is trying to figure out herself and her sexuality. It’s really cool to be that voice for younger teens. Hopefully one young teen is watching it, not even teens, anyone really, and they feel that they can relate.”

Ram went on to say that the support she has been receiving for her character on ‘Chasing Life’ has been wonderful. “The viewer’s response has been so exciting and so supportive. I love how much they have loved this relationship. Everyone has been so sweet and so nice and that has been the best thing about it. Sometimes when you get responses from people over the internet people can be mean because they are hiding behind a computer and they say mean things, but this is the opposite. There is so much love, it is a really great response.”

One of the great things about ‘Chasing Life’ so far has been the way in which the writers have approached every character. Everyone has their own struggles and their own problems, but none of them have let these define who they are and what they do. “I think that the writers don’t stereotype anything, which I love,” says Ramm. “It’s a great show about people being people and doing their thing.”

Brenna and Natalie on Chasing Life

As far as Brenna’s other relationships go, we may have to wait a while to see any satisfying results. After her first introduction to her half-sister Natalie on Tuesday a lot of fans (myself included) feel that maybe April and Brenna would be better off without her in their lives at the moment. However, Ramm says that we can expect to see some more of Natalie in the near future. “Natalie is going to come around a lot more. She will cause problems, not with everyone, but she will cause a few problems. She is definitely going to be making more appearances. When we first got to know Brenna nobody really loved her that much. She was kind of an annoying, bratty teenager. I think that Natalie is kind of the same way. One of my favourite things about watching this show is getting to know all of the other characters and seeing how they unfold. I don’t get to see all of the other stuff they film if I am not there in the scene when they are filming it, so I like to watch it as a fan of the other characters and see where they are going. Maybe Natalie will get a little nicer and a little more likeable.”

The next episode of ‘Chasing Life’ airs this coming Tuesday, August 5th, on ABC Family. You can follow Haley Ramm on Twitter at @halesbells.

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Jul 31st, 2014, 4:00 pm

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