Rebecca Adlington on this years 'Commonwealth Games'

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Swimming star, Rebecca Adlington, spoke to 'Good Morning Britain' today about the Commonwealth Games and her impending wedding nuptials.Speaking to John Stapleton and Charlotte Hawkins, Rebecca spoke about her pride of this year’s Commonwealth Games:

“It definitely has [been a huge success] it was my first opening ceremony that I’ve ever been to because the swimming is always first up so I’ve never actually been before… It was absolutely incredible to be able to witness it [and] nice to get to know the younger athletes as well.”

Rebecca said she didn’t miss competing as an athlete and said she was right to retire when she did. When asked if she misses it, Rebecca said:

“Definitely not! I don’t miss it at all, it was the right decision for me to retire and it’s nice to see the younger generation coming through, getting to know the people that will be on the podium in Rio and the new personalities of the swimming world.”

Responding to Usain Bolt’s alleged remarks that the Commonwealth Games are a “second rate event”, Rebecca says it may be for some sports but isn’t for swimming:

“I think every sport is different. For the swimmers, I definitely know that this is their major competition. This is the one that they focussed on, they’ve rested for, this is their big chance and it is the major meet obviously for different sports. It might be different but the swimmers definitely took it serious.”

And on getting emotional at Adam Peaty’s swim in the Commonwealth Games, Rebecca admitted it was because it reminded her of her own relationship with her coach:

“After Adam’s 100 [metre] breaststroke I don’t know what happened, I just started crying. It just came from nowhere. It was such a brilliant race, and Adam and his coach, Mel Marshall, remind me very much of how me and my coach were that we kind of coached each other from very young… I was really pleased for [those] guys.”

On her recent weight loss, Rebecca said it’s more about being healthy than trying to look good:

“For me it’s more about health. As an athlete you’re eating to fuel yourself, food is fuel that’s how you look at it, then afterwards you just forget that you’re not doing exercise so you put on a bit… I’m very much health conscious, I like learning about my body.”

And on her wedding - which takes place later this month - Rebecca revealed it’ll be a family affair:

“It’s just a normal wedding, it’s really small… Just family and friends gathering. I’ve got my hen do next weekend so I’m so excited and can’t wait to see what the girls have got in store for me… I don’t know anything I’m a little bit scared. I’m more scared about Harry’s stag though than my hen!”

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Aug 1st, 2014, 2:54 am

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