Big Brother UK: Further Twist Taking Part with Prize Fund

A further twist in this weeks 'Power of Money' task has been announced to Big Brother viewers. Today the public have been asked to vote in an online poll for which housemate is the best judge of character. When the poll results are gathered, each housemate will then be called to the diary room and will be told that the public have voted for them to face a dilemma. They can either take the extra money the house has previously accumalated over the last two days for themselves or leave the money for the prize fund.

Value of Money

Big Brother is in fact lying to them, and the last housemate called into the diary room, will be the housemate the public has decided is the best judge of character. This housemate alone can win the full additional £25,000 to add to the prize fund, if they correctly guess which of their fellow housemates decided to take the money themselves. If this housemate is incorrect all of the money gained during the week will be lost, if they are correct the prize fund increases to £125,000. Viewers can vote in the poll on the shows official website here.

- Big Brother (UK)
- Channel 5

Written by: TomSouthwell
Aug 6th, 2014, 9:01 am

Image courtesy of Channel 5


Message Posted On Aug 6th, 2014, 12:01 pm
4 out of 10 of the news posts on the front page are Big Brother related, and according to the stats for Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother UK, only 40 and 57 people have those shows as their favourite. Does all news for a show automatically get added to the front page as well? If so, then maybe that should change so the front page doesn't get filled with news that only a very tiny number of visitors care about
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