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This year's 'Great British Bake-Off' has kicked off and to celebrate, we will be bringing you all the action as it happens on BBC one. The first episode this week has the theme 'Cakes'.

8.04pm This years contestants begin with the first technical challenge - a swiss roll!

8.06pm We have met the first three contestants, a Grandmother, a young man and a woman who uses her Indian heritage in her baking.

8.07pm One baker is attempting a orange based roll, another Richard is baking a roll based around pistachios in tribute to his daughters.

8.09pm Another baker is freezing his pattern for the roll, another baker has put his roll straight into the oven. Kate doesn't know how to use a timer and is baking a red velvet swiss roll.

8.11pm The youngest baker, is a female student aged just 17. The next baker, Iain is baking a apricot and basil swiss roll. The contestants are told they have one hour left.

8.13pm Norman is focusing on his filling - with his black forest swiss roll. The majority of this years bakers are planning on decorating their swiss rolls.

8.14pm Nancy has a trick to solve a problem with her nuts drying up. Some of the bakers are at the rolling stage of their dish.

8.17pm The bakers rush putting the final touches to their dish. The first challenge is over.

8.18pm Paul and Mary are judge the swiss rolls.

8.23pm The contestants get on with this weeks technical challenge - Mary's Cherry Cake.

8.27pm The contestants remove their cakes from the oven and begin the cooling process before decorating them.

8.30pm The technical challenge is over. The bakers move their cakes to the judging table. As this stage of the compeitition is judged blind, Mary and Paul have no idea who has prepared which cake. Some cakes have little or no cherries whatsoever, whilst others aren't cooked well enough.

In first place in the tecnhical challenge - Nancy wins with her even distribution of cherries and well cooked nuts.

8.34pm It's now day 2 of the competition and there's only one challenge between one contestant been sent home and one been crowned star baker.

8.35pm This weeks showstopping challenge is for the bakers to produce 36 identical miniature cakes that are beautifully decorated. Chetna opts for a victoria sponge. Kate is going for a two tiered victoria sponge. Nancy goes for a jaffa orange cake. Claire is making a chocolate cherry cake. Jordan makes lemon drizzle cakes with blueberry and lemon curd. Luis produces raspberry and lemon genoise slices. Martha makes a mini lemon drizzle cake. Iain produces some lemon drizzle cakes. Norman makes almond and raspberry cakes.

8.44pm Claire's cakes have erupted and she isn't too sure how she'll save the recipe. Some of the bakers are worried that their cakes will be dry.

8.47pm The showstopper challenge cakes are judged.

8.55pm Nancy is this weeks star baker! Claire is the first baker to be sent home this series.

8.57pm Next weeks preview reveals the theme will be biscuits. Following is a preview of Jo Brand's new companion show - 'An Extra Slice' which begins this Friday on BBC Two at 9pm.

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Aug 6th, 2014, 12:04 pm

Image courtesy of BBC one

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