SPOILERS: A Shocking Twist In 'Emmerdale'

Could tonight's episode of Emmerdale have changed the course of Donna's destiny...?

In recent episodes, we have learned that Donna has terminal cancer and with the actress who plays the character, Verity Rushworth, expected to bow out of the soap by the end of the summer things don't look good for her.

In a shock ending to the first of two episodes airing tonight, Donna finds Ross with a gun and he then explains the gun does not work. Donna and Ross begin

to wrestle for control of the gun and residents in the village hear a gunshot. The episode ends with the camera zooming in on the property that Ross and Donna are inside.

Is this the end for Donna or for Ross?

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Written by: MSW_Matthew
Aug 7th, 2014, 11:51 am

Image courtesy of itv

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