SPOILERS: Adam Thomas Talks Turning Accomplice in Emmerdale

Earlier this week I got to meet, Verity Rushworth (Donna Windsor-Dingle), Michael Parr (Ross Barton), Danny Miller (Aaron Livesy) and Adam Thomas (Adam Barton), who are at the centre of one Emmerdale’s biggest storylines this year. The show airs two of the most dramatic episodes of the year tonight (Thursday 14th August), as Donna Windsor (Verity Rushworth) leaves the soap and Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) makes his return. In the second of four interviews, I had a chat with Adam Thomas who plays Adam Barton, accomplice to Donna and Ross.

Adam is in the spotlight at the moment, do you relish that?

I try to, yeah. It is nice to be part of a storyline like this, and to be able to sink your teeth into it, really go to town on it. Especially with the drugs storyline, it was really hard because you really don’t know how it is going to go down. Fingers crossed it went out alright because I was actually cracking it. Like I say, it is really nice to have that opportunity. You want storylines like this to be able to show off what you can do. It is nice for Kate (Oates) to be trusting you with a storyline like this. It is the first time I have been trusted with a storyline as big as this. To be able to working with these guys as well is just a big opportunity.

Did you do a lot of research for the drugs storyline?

I did a little bit of research for it. I went a bit method on the storyline. There was a lot of stuff on YouTube. I just read up on some of the stuff. I just had to go with what feels right on the day. Hopefully, I did it justice.

How is your relationship going to be with Aaron when he returns?

At first it starts off a little rocky road because basically he turns up and messes up the job especially when he finds out  about Donna’s death. He doesn’t want to blame himself, the person he seems to blame is Aaron because if he wasn’t there then the job would have gone ahead and everything would have been alright. So he blames Aaron in the beginning but as time goes on you see them rekindle their relationship a little bit. Aaron coming back is playing on Adam's mind, he knows that Aaron wants to come back and he keeps hinting this at Adam. Adam might have clocked onto this. It is about time for Adam to own up because Aaron has been on the run all of these years because of his best mate. I think it is about time that Adam did the same now, if he didn’t then he’s not that good of a mate. There is just pressure coming from both sides of the family especially from Chas because she wants her little boy back and my Mum doesn’t want me back. I think it is about time Adam faced the consequences of his actions.  

What is it like having Danny back on the show?

Aw, it is brilliant. I love working with him. He was there when I did my first screen test, when I first came to the show. I have known him ever since I have joined and I know him outside of work as well. It has just been nice to get him back, it is like he never left. He is such a great talent to work with. I can’t complain, I come to work and I have a good time, I love what I am doing.

Is it weird to have grown up in the spotlight, first in ‘Waterloo Road’ and then ‘Emmerdale’?

It was weird because like I had a little bit of a fan-base in Waterloo Road. It is just nice, people still even call me Donnie today, and it is just nice to have that. I loved playing Donnie in Waterloo Road. It was a really good job for me because it was a massive learning curve. To be able to go from that to working on Emmerdale, I am very privileged. It is quite hard to go from job to job in this industry.

How far do you want Adam to go on a self-destructive path, or do you want him to get back onto the straight and narrow?

Hopefully he does come around and starts to be normal again because it is quite hard going to work every day and being a bit of a grump. I like to have a little bit of banter and a laugh. Sometimes I have to rein it in a bit on set. So it is quite hard, I do like working with all the boys and having a bit of laugh, hopefully we can go back to that. He needs to sort his own little head out. We will have to see what happens.

Adam has said some awful things to Moira lately, what reaction have you had from fans? Is he going to give her a break?

It is weird because I thought I was going to get the sympathy vote but everyone is like ‘You be nice to your mum! You need a slap you!’ and I am like, ‘Whoa’. But at the same time it is nice because I have never had that reaction out of an audience like that. I must be doing something right for them to be like that really. I must be doing something right.

Do you want the relationship to improve?

I hope so, I love working with Nat (J.Robb). I think as time goes on, I think they will rekindle the relationship, he will just forgive her, but I think only time will tell really. Oh and Bill Ward (James Barton) as well, as he’s a good laugh on set, we can build relationships there as well. It is quite hard going to work all the time being angry all of the time. It gets on top of you, a little bit. I find it a little hard as well to stay on this bad boy path, I take things off these guys and use that to my advantage and see where we go from there.

If you are doing the angry stuff, do you need to take it home? Or can you just shake it off?

I take it home in the bedroom, yeah! *Laughs*. No, I don’t take it home, as soon as I have left work, I leave it. When I watch my stuff, I get angry, ‘why did I do that? Why did I do this?’ then she gets the full front of it. No, it stays at work really.

How did it feel watching the episodes that air tonight back?

I hate watching myself. It is one of those things what you have to do. I think you get to learn off watching it, I learn from watching these guys, we don’t take it too seriously.

Do you do anything that other’s make fun of you for?

I have a funny walk, I walk like a duck. Every time I am walking, next time you are watching Emmerdale look at my feet. Someone actually came up to me and was like, “You actually walk like that in real-life.”  I was like “Wow! Is it really that noticeable?” Look, when I get up, everybody will be looking at my feet. My girlfriend is a dance teacher, she says I could be really good at ballet.

Are they webbed?

No, they are not webbed. Don’t be getting that about *Laughs*.

Would you like to see Adam’s sisters return at all?

Yeah, definitely because we all came into the show together. We were like a little family off-screen as well. I would love them to come back. So fingers crossed they do, you never know. Right now, there is only Nat and me as the Bartons. We’ve got all of the rest of the boys in now.

If you were to admit to the fire, what would it mean for his future?

One of them will have to take the punishment. Morally, yes, one of them does. I think he needs to get that away and own up to what he’s done. He needs to stop being a little boy and blaming everyone else for his mistakes. He needs that to be able to grow up. He needs to have that little break.

Can we expect Adam’s relationship with James to improve at all?

Yes, as time goes on. Like I say, I love working with James. But at the end of the day he has been lied to. He just feels like his whole life has been a lie. The Dad he thought was his Dad isn’t his Dad. It is just hard for him to take this other guy on he doesn’t even know. And to find out that James is his Dad, is a massive shock for him. So, hopefully it will but that will take time. With his Mum I think it will happen a lot earlier on, than a relationship with James, as his Dad, he doesn’t want to accept that fact because he loved his Dad so much, and the fact he is dead, it feels like he doesn’t want anyone else to take his place. Adam had started to be the man of the house, and now he’s got this other guy. He’s just had to come to terms with Cain, with his Mum getting with Cain. To have another guy walk in, it just gets a bit on top of Adam.


Can you talk about taking a punch from Danny in the episodes airing tonight?

I hated it. He said, ‘I am coming back and I am knocking you out in my first scene, and I was like, ‘what?!’

You didn’t want to get punched?

No, no, not at all. He kept hitting me but I didn’t go down. Danny would say you have to go down, and I was like, ‘I am not going down!’  But yeah, it was part of the story, and it is what it is. I just feel sorry for Mike (Parr), he’s the bad boy and he’s been knocked down so many times.

You are usually the one throwing the punches, aren’t you? You punched James…

He’s got a good little grip on him. In the script he was supposed to go down and he didn’t go down. I was a bit gutted about it.

Is there any romance on the cards for Adam?

He’s had his fair share of romance. They’ve all been destructive. He’s split up with Katie now. But she’s with Andy now and he’s had his fair share. I think he has had like five girlfriends since he’s been in the show, and they’ve all left the show. I don’t know what’s going on there...that’s what they said at one point, the kiss of death! I am a really good kisser, I am.

I bet nobody wants to be paired with you…

No, do they heck. They’re so scared.

They’re contract gets ripped up…

You are working with Adam. You are going out with him…’oh, what?!’ It is just fab being a free spirit at the minute. He’s going about and causing trouble. I like that.

'Emmerdale' airs at 7pm and 8pm on itv tonight. Stay tuned to Rage today for the rest of the interviews with the stars taking centre stage tonight.

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