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Andrew Younghusband Don't Drive Here

I had a chance to catch up with Andrew Younghusband a couple of weeks ago, host of Discovery Canada's 'Don't Drive Here' which returns this Monday for a new run of episodes. The show returns after a successful first run of eight episodes last year, as Andrew heads to more exotic locations, learning about the tough driving locations the locals live with.


What is the most interesting place you visit during this season?
Haiti. It is another world all together.

What has been your favorite vehicle to learn how to drive or ride?
Motorcycles. I never drove one before doing this show and now I absolutely love it.

How much input do you get into which locations you visit?
Lots. The research we do before travelling is extensive.

Is it an easy process to enter a foreign country and begin driving there, or do you hold numerous driving licenses for countries around the world?
I try to get a local driving license everywhere we go, but I have an international license which his valid everywhere.

Have you ever been seriously scared when speaking to an official about the driving regulations or rules of the country, or listening to the high statistics involving vehicle fatalities?
Yes. The chief of police in Nairobi told me that I should be worried about being car jacked.

Have you ever refused to take part in learning to drive a particular vehicle or refused to drive in a certain location?
No. My theory is that if locals are doing it every day, I should try it even if I'm deathly afraid.

What location was the worst place to film an episode?
Haiti. The heat, the crowded streets, and the lawlessness.

Have you ever sustained a serious injury whilst filming the show?
In Bangkok, I crashed a scooter, but managed to survive.

The show looks very physically demanding to film, do you have a routine you get yourself into before heading to a new country?
Not at all.

Does jet-lag ever affect you?
No. I deny its existence.

In the third episode of the new season you deliver 100 loaves of bread on the back of a normal bicycle. Have you ever messed up on a delivery of this size?
I messed up that exact delivery. I couldn't find my centre of balance. That job was beyond me.

Are you looking forward to presenting the tenth season of 'Canada's Worst Driver'?

Were you surprised when previous contestants took part in the ninth season of the show and hadn't gotten any better since they were last featured on the show?
I don't think that's true. They had all made improvements in some ways.

Because of the role you held on 'Canada's Worst Handyman', do you find yourself becoming overly critical of other people's DIY skills?

Are you a bad backseat driver?
Not at all. I let people drive however they like. I know enough to shut up.

How many modes of transport do you own?
I own a 14 -year-old pick-up truck and two excellent bicycles.

When you get back home from filming the show, does it take you a while to get back into your own vehicle again?
No. I just get up and go!


Andrew Younghusband Season 2'Don't Drive Here' returns for it's second season this Monday at 10pm on Discovery Canada, the show's first episode sees Andrew head to Nairobi, where he finds himself in a city which has no rules when it comes to walking on the roads. Andrew learns all about the car-jacking's that take place in the city and has to perform a delivery of animals, in a truck with no breaks. Other locations featured this season include Rome, La Paz and as Andrew mentioned Haiti. The show has uploaded a preview of the second season to Discovery Canada's YouTube channel, which you can watch here;

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Aug 15th, 2014, 3:09 pm

Images and Video courtesy of Discovery Channel

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