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Jeff Brazier Goes Backstage at 'The X Factor'

This Morning X Factor

As The X Factor returns this weekend, This Morning’s Jeff Brazier was given an access all areas pass behind the scenes for an exclusive gossip with the judges.

Talking through the audition process, Simon Cowell explained, “This is the list we [the judges] get, we have a bit of information on the songs they are going to sing and you can sometimes see by the songs that they’ve chosen that it’s going to be a terrible audition… but we always hope for the best!”

Before revealing that he sometimes wishes they were given more information beforehand, Simon said, “I don’t like to know anything… but there was a girl that came in who turned out to be Robert Pattinson’s sister, and they [production] didn’t tell us, and in fact she didn’t tell us until afterwards, which was a bit annoying.”

When speaking with new Xtra Factor presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford, she admitted, “Dermot does the cuddles, I do the high fives!”

Cheryl explained what it was like being back on the show and admitted the real reasons for her return. Cheryl said, “It’s like I’ve never been gone to be honest… I don’t focus on [the cameras] I focus on the contestants - if she’s [Mel B] not distracting me! She’s naughty.”

Newly-wed Cheryl added, “[Returning] wasn’t something I had in the pipeline, but honestly I couldn’t take anymore of the begging from Cowell - it was pretty intense! Text messages, flowers? All of the above! So I thought you know what, let me just do you a favour… no, do you know what, it felt right. I’ve always loved the show. I needed time off that’s for sure, but I was ready to come back and now that I’m back it’s like I’ve never been gone!”

Speaking of her often harsh words to contestants, Mel B admitted, “I’m just honest and I’m just me… I don’t prep anything and what I see I just react, kind of spontaneous.”

Cheryl said: “She’s just direct. She says things I probably think and the words just get stuck and I can’t get them out of my mouth. I’m honest, but Mel’s just a bit more direct.”

Later main host Dermot O'leary revealed, “We had a girl sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air with a guitar and it was really stripped back and you wouldn’t have seen it a mile off - and it was one of the best of auditions of the day.”

To see the full interview, visit the This Morning website.

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Aug 27th, 2014, 9:42 pm

Image and Press Release courtesy of itv's This Morning

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