"The Bachelorette" Says Goodbye to a Few Keepers and Keeps a Few Oddballs

Last week on “The Bachelorette “marked Emily Maynard’s first delve into the world of dating twenty five guys at once.  Chris Harrison let the guys now right up front that they would not all be getting a date with Emily this week, which, of course, put the men on the road to aggression right away.

Pro sports trainer, Ryan, scored the first single date of the season, despite his regrettably bad hair. Emily, explaining that life as a single mom doesn’t always allow for jet setting, brought him back to her home to unload groceries and bake cookies for her daughter Ricki’s soccer team.  Ryan jumped in without missing a beat and seemed genuinely enthused about the events of the day. After some flirting over cookie batter, the pair headed over to the soccer field where Emily, who wisely opted not to introduce the men to her daughter just yet, delivered the goodies while Ryan waited in the car and sipped on a juice box.  

After a hard day in the kitchen, Emily and Ryan got dolled up to go out to dinner at a local restaurant in which they arrived in an Aston Martin and walked down a red carpet past cheering fans.  Over their meal, Emily jumped right into grilling Ryan about his intentions, skipping over any get-to-know-you pleasantries.  Ryan seemed to handle it pretty well, although Emily did worry about him being too perfect like her former fiance’, Brad Womack (ummm…did we watch the same Brad on The Bachelor?). In the end, Ryan left with a rose on his lapel and headed back to the Bachelor mansion.

For the group date, Emily took thirteen of the Bachelors to perform in a variety show to benefit the Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care. When they arrived at the theater, the men discovered that this wasn’t your average show; however, as they were greeted by Kermit the Frog himself and told they would be participating in a Muppet Show. Ready to take the stage were Alejandro, Jef, Stevie, Nate, Aaron, Kalon, Tony, Alessandro, Michael, Charlie, Chris, John, and Kyle, who all seemed to be reasonable sports about the cheesy, if not over the top kid friendly ordeal. Emily's first group date at a Muppet variety show

The men were divided into performing groups in which they would sing, dance, or tell jokes. The only real interesting part in all this came when Charlie had to confide in Emily that he was uncomfortable doing the comedy sketch part of the show due to his injury in 2010, which makes it difficult for him to speak at times (although no one would ever know it). She, of course, understood and helped to him head to another group. This all seemed very sweet until in the middle of the show when one of the Muppets called Charlie out with two others to answer an on the spot question in front of the entire audience.  I’m not sure where the miscommunication came into play, but…did anyone else hear Charlie say he was uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience? 

After the show, the group headed off to a Bachelorette style cocktail party where the guys took turns butting in to one another’s conversations and stealing Emily away for some alone time. Quite possibly the most awkward moment of the night came when Emily, while speaking to Jef, mentioned that she kept making eyes at him all day, only to be ignored. He seemed completely oblivious and not that impressed.  Determined to have him take notice, Emily bestowed Jef with the only rose of the night, despite lame attempts at dancing by Stevie and plenty of less than smooth lines by the other suitors.

The final date of the night was given to Joe, the field energy advisor who bears a striking resemblance to Hollywood hunk Matthew McConaughey.  This time, the date took on much more of the traditional “Bachelorette” feel, as they loaded into a private jet and headed off to Emily’s home state of West Virginia. Once they landed they headed off to a fancy resort that Emily apparently vacationed at with her family as a child. During dinner, Emily began right away questioning Joe about his five year plan and sometime between salad and dessert she must have either decided she was not pleased with his answers or just didn’t like his table manners, but she sent him packing, claiming she couldn’t see how she and Ricki fit in his life.

At the rose ceremony the remaining suitors vied for Emily’s attention, with Ryan, who already had a rose from his one on one date, giving her a seven page letter which she very awkwardly read out loud in front of him and poor Tony, who was waiting to speak to her.  In the end, Emily sent Aaron the school teacher with hipster glasses and Kyle the financial advisor who never really got much screen time home, keeping whiny party MC Stevie and super arrogant Kalan in the run to win her heart. Let's hope she has a master plan.

It has to be said that Emily is not exactly Miss Excitement, and the last two episodes have been a bit…well, boring. Tonight, it seems that we might finally see a bit of the drama that we have come to know and love about “The Bachelorette” with at least one of the guys crying and Emily getting a bit steamed with another’s comments about being a father to Ricki.  On top of that, we get the first kiss of the season. Hooray for drama! With two “one on one” dates and a group date under her belt now, perhaps we’ll start to see a little bit of fire in Emily as she weeds out the prince charmings from the frogs.

Watch “The Bachelorette” tonight at 8/7c on ABC.



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May 28th, 2012, 1:25 pm

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