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NBC Has 'Bieber Fever' With Justin Bieber Special

Justin bieberIt looks that NBC has 'Bieber Fever' by the looks of things. On June 21, NBC will air an hour long special on the current tour of 'The Biebs' and his personal behind the scene footage filmed himself. This special will be called "Justin Bieber: All Around the World". It seems that the 'Boyfriend' recording artist is going to be tackling primetime television now too. With the success of his albums, movie and other things, it is only fitting that he go and take on television as well. The head of special programming, Doug Vaughn, is excited to have him on the network. He has said that everyone is thrilled for the chance to have him on.

The special will focus on Justin Bieber and his tour that he is currently on. With the virtual tour backstage panning the course of 12 days, it is sure to be a hit with all the younger generation who look to Bieber as a hero of sorts. It is clear that this is a smart move by NBC since Bieber is trending right now. With the many successes, it is interesting to know that this can be added to his belt. All in all, NBC is happy with their choice that they are going to be able to profit from his success and it is even better with the fact that the video footage is him walking around backstage so that his fans will be able to have a chance to see what it is like. What do you think of this? Are you having 'Bieber Fever' as well?

Source: Zap2It

- Justin Bieber

Written by: tvaholic
May 30th, 2012, 7:53 am


Message Posted On May 30th, 2012, 10:50 am
What is that old adage about the lowest common denominator??? ha ha ha ha ha!!
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