Breaking Bad: New Episode Titles Hint at Season 5 Villains

Breaking Bad is returning to AMC for the first half of its fifth and final season on July 15. While we still might have about a month and a half until we get to see Walter White and company again, we're at least getting little teasers of what's to come from AMC.

First, there's the official season 5 poster, which sees Walt slouched in a chair in a dilapidated warehouse, surrounded by cash and meth. ALL HAIL THE KING, the tagline pronounces, and given Walt's brooding expression, there's just a little bit of irony in those words. After all, Walter's still fighting for his life while losing his humanity. 

But who is he fighting, now that boss Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) has been removed from the picture? Well, the first three titles of season 5 have been revealed, and they hint a little bit about the new entity in the picture. 

The premiere is titled "Live Free or Die," New Hampshire's state motto that is known for being pretty darn badass. But, as far as episode titles go, it's pretty nondescript. 

The second episode of the season, however, has a much more informative title: "Madrigal." What does that mean, you ask? For those of you who have forgotten (and don't worry, I was one of those, too), Madrigal Electromotive is the German company that owns Los Pollos Hermanos, as well as the industrial laundry that hosts the now-torched meth lab. The fact that they're being introduced in the second episode probably means that they're going to have a problem with Walter and Jesse destroying so much of their meth empire. And if fans are wondering were recently-cast recurring actor Jesse Plemons fits in, well, he looks pretty German, doesn't he? 

The third episode of the season is titled "Hazard Pay," which potentially means that Walt and Jesse are going to be employed by Madrigal as Gus's replacements. I'm not expecting this business partnership to be a happy one.

Breaking Bad season 5 premieres on July 15 on AMC. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Jun 6th, 2012, 2:00 pm

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