Which TV Shows Had an Early Christmas In Wednesday Night Ratings?

which-tv-shows-had-an-early-christmas-inIt's Thursday, December 8th, and with it another round of Wednesday night TV has come and gone, maintaining the big ratings scores for the week.  Some shows have already taken on their winter hiatus and others pre-empted by holiday events and award ceremonies, but what took the biggest piece of the pie?

Did you watch the shocking American Horror Story twist?  Was your heart warmed by Modern Family's "Express Christmas," or did it all move too quickly for you?  Maybe you were glued to The X Factor! 

We’ll tell you what America was watching, and the big winner from last night’s ratings might surprise you!

In the 8 o'clock slot, Survivor: South Pacific nabbed the highest viewers at 11.5 million, above The X Factor at 10.4 million, with both shows tying for the 18-49 demographic for the hour.  ABC's The Middle and Suburgatory came in with 8.8 million and 8 million respectively, while NBC's paring of a new Up All Night followed by a rerun brought 5 million, and 3.8 million 

A CW rerun of America's Next Top Model brought in only 1.3 million.  When will that CW catch a break?

At 9pm, CBS' Criminal Minds brought in 12.3 million viewers, just edging out ABC's Modern Family at 12.1 million, Modern Family taking the 18-49 demographic for the hour.  Following that, ABC's Happy Endings dipped to 6.5 million. 

FOX's The X Factor rose to 10.8 million before its 9:30 end, at which point I Hate My Teenage Daughter recieved a welcome boost in viewers up to 5.4 million.  NBC's Harry's Law performed strong at 7 million, with The CW's America's Next Top Model finale jumping up to 2.35 million.

At 10 o'clock, CSI took in 11.1 million, cementing a rare Wednesday CBS win for the 18-49 demographic, while ABC's Revenge brought in 7.3 million, followed by NBC's Law & Order: SVU at 6.9 million

What did you watch last night? Did your favorite shows earn the ratings they got? What will you be watching tonight? Sound off in the comments below with your favorites!