Showtime Picks Up Two New Drama Pilots For 2013

Liev SchreiberMichael Sheen

Showtime is always looking to expand its lineup of original series, and yesterday they officially picked up two new dramas. Both series have received Showtime's usual twelve episode order.

First off is Ray Donovan. This series stars the very talented Liev Schreiber (making his regular TV debut) as the titular character, a Los Angeles based "fixer" to the rich, famous, and powerful. Unfortunately, the one thing he can't fix are all the problems caused by his "Southie" family back in Boston. Southland producer Ann Biderman created the show, and heavyweights such as Jon Voight and Elliot Gould will play supporting roles.

The second pick-up features Frost/Nixon and Underworld star Michael Sheen (also making his TV debut as a regular), and carries the provocative title Masters Of Sex. The series is based on a non-fiction book of the same name, and is not in fact a sequel to previous Showtime series Masters Of Horror, although that would indeed be hilarious. Sheen plays gynecologist and researcher William Masters, alongside former Party Down star Lizzy Caplan as his one-time wife and research assistant Virginia Johnson. The Masters-Johnson team did pioneering work in the field of human sexual response, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of various sexual disorders and dysfunctions.

Does either of these new series interest you enough to check them out?


- Liev Schreiber
- Michael Sheen
- Ray Donovan
- Masters of Sex

Written by: msd85
Jun 12th, 2012, 8:56 am


Message Posted On Jun 23rd, 2013, 5:58 pm
Wouldn't miss Ray Donovan. Wouldn't miss anything Elliott Gould is in....can't wait!!!

Message Posted On Jun 10th, 2013, 5:17 am

Message Posted On Dec 29th, 2012, 9:01 pm
Showtime as great original series! I love them all!

Message Posted On Dec 2nd, 2012, 2:49 am
Sign me up! Showtime has been a supplier of excellent programming. Homeland, House of Lies, Shameless, Californication are some of the best on TV right now. I'll tune in to anything Showtime puts out!

Message Posted On Sep 15th, 2012, 11:13 pm
not to mention, im beyond sick of having sex shoved down my throat, every way i turn. there is so much more besides sex. no one mentions it or i think, even thinks about it, they just accept thats the way it is/has to be. it doesnt. enough with the oversexuality of media etc. sex is gross. uhhhhhh, overpopulation anyone? there are not enough jobs for everyone on the planet, the powers that be want to make this a world economy. we've built things up now, time to turn off the populate the planet machine. you can stop promoting sex, pregnancy now.

Message Posted On Sep 15th, 2012, 11:07 pm
Agree with both comments. The past few years have been downhill. I enjoyed shows like the L word, and still enjoy Dexter, of course. but shameless, Homeland and Episodes, yuck! No appeal. Who wants to watch a poor family with a drunk Dad get into trouble=depressing. Terrorists? No thanks. But I certainly don't want to watch a show about rich, famous and powerful. If you'd pay attention to what real Americans are going through, you'd realize that subject matter is not very "in touch" people can't find work, pay their bills, foreclousures, bankrupcies, etc. Yet I'd like to be able to escape and enjoy something uplifting. I enjoyed the L Word because it was new subject matter and Dexter, well that was just such a new way of presenting a character. How bout some sort of spiritual, organic food growing/eating, healthy, anti-government type (reality?)show. Thats trend now. People are fed up with and sick of the way things are. Maybe a show would like that would inspire others to get involved and change things. We see the lies, the deception and we're sick of being sppoon fed this crap that you have to be rich, famous and powerful to be anything. That's just not true! What about the love? What about giving and caring for one another instead of take, take, take?! Hopefully some of these will be better than these two listed. Link to wikipedia of showtimes upcoming shows

Message Posted On Sep 14th, 2012, 7:40 am
I enjoy Liev Schrieber and John Voight but the premise of the rich and powerful of LA is annoying to me The second sounds downright dreadful. Sorry. I keep the Showtime channel because of its historical dramas, (The Tudors, The Borgias).

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Message Posted On Jun 16th, 2012, 8:54 am

These both sound terrible. The first one sounds boring. He's a "fixer" to the rich & famous in LA, whatever that means. Leaky faucets? Promiscuous pets? But, "one thing he can't fix are all the problems caused by his 'Southie' family back in Boston." Oy vey. I bet they're a "zany" bunch. Or, psychotic. Zany and psychotic. Well, that'd work. But I doubt it. Do they constantly interrupt his life with repeated phone calls, between frequent visits from 3,000 miles away? If they live that far away, how troublesome can they be? Wait, don't answer that. If the premise and writing had promise, they wouldn't need to add the farkakte family 3000 miles away. Already I don't like this show for it's dumbness. I can't feel sorry for a grown man who moved that far away from Ma & Pa Kettle, and assorted nightmare siblings, and is still bothered by them.

At least the other show involves sex. In theory, anyway. And where there's sex, there's nudity. Nudity is usually the only redeeming feature of most subpar material, that has nudity, that is. Unless it's on free TV, or basic cable. They have "superhero" sex through their clothes there. Makes me miss the old fade out to the ocean tide coming in, or a not so subtle, but titillating closing of the bedroom door.

Masters of Sex is about a married couple of researchers who were pretty famous when I was a boy. They were also two of the least sexual-looking, or sexually desirable heterosexual couples you'd ever seen. Wisely, they're played by attractive actors. Although, maybe it'd be fun for a change to spotlight two really unattractive, yet, highly sexed beings? Not in this life, probably. A same-sex couple would add an interesting wrinkle.  My guess is that it'll be a comedy, as it sounds like a one-note joke around which this series is built. But, if they could manage some creative plots, some interesting guest stars, and sex without clothes, it might work for a season or two.

The problem I have with Showtime is that for the last two years or so, they've been putting most of their budget into original programming instead of "first run" theatricals, which isn't why I subscribe. I wouldn't mind if these shows were the quality of the first two seasons of Dexter. But, they're not. Even Dexter isn't Dexter. Weeds is at least different. But that's not enough. Now it seems they're continuing this trend, with this potential drek.

Showtime, if you're going to do this, do it well. Watch HBO for ideas. At least they've got two great original shows.

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