Two New Shots Of Merle Dixon's Return To The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Ever since the rotten racist known as Merle Dixon was left on that rooftop to be presumably devoured by zombies in the first season, Walking Dead fans have consistently wondered just what the heck happened to the character played by veteran actor Michael Rooker. We know he lost his hand at least, as that was the only remaining evidence he had been on that roof. While our heroes assumed he had been eaten, I think us fans always knew a character that "interesting" would come back eventually. And come back he will. AMC officially announced the return of Merle to season three of The Walking Dead a few days back, and today I'm here to celebrate(?) with two new set photos of Dixon, complete with a new appendage.

Merle Dixon 1

First, here's Merle making a rather ominous "shhh" gesture, while sporting a revolver in his pocket, and what appears to be some kind of mechanical stump apparatus in place of his severed hand.

Merle Dixon 2

Next, here's a more blu-ish tinted shot of Merle riding along in a truck, with some type of stabbing weapon attached to the end of his stump. It's hard to tell from this vantage point, but it looks like maybe a hook or a spike, either one would work really. A spike or a hook would both be great for bluntly bashing zombie brains in, although a hook might lead to a risk of getting caught long enough to get bit by one.

Are you excited for the return of big bad Merle Dixon to The Walking Dead? Do you think he will serve up some ice cold revenge to his brother Daryl?

Sources: AMC and Shock Till You Drop

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Written by: msd85
Jun 14th, 2012, 7:55 am

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