Bored to Death to Be Revived by HBO?

Back in December, HBO announced that the third season of the half-hour comedy series Bored to Death would be the show's last; but now, it seems, we may not have seen the last of private detective Jonathan Ames. 

According to Vulture, HBO is considering a film version of Bored to Death. After actor Ted Danson hinted that a 90-minute film based on the series was very likely to happen, an HBO representative confirmed that there have "been some conversations" regarding a follow-up to the series, though such talks were "at a very early stage."

Bored to Death was cancelled in December along with other half-hour HBO shows Hung and How to Make It in America, in what's been called a "bloodbath." The shows were canned, according to The Week, because of rapidly declining ratings. In just a year, Bored to Death dropped from 1.1 million viewers to just 240,000 viewers per week. Despite this, declared Bored to Death's cancellation as the "most upsetting" of the three, stating that the series had just started to find its groove. 

Of course, fans shouldn't get too excited yet; HBO has a history of abandoning such proposed follow-ups. Remember Carnivale and Deadwood? HBO cancelled those shows way too soon in the eyes of most fans, and planned TV-movie reprises were eventually abandoned. However, these discussions can only be seen as a positive, considering that Bored to Death was as good as dead to most fans just a few weeks ago. 

Since the cancellation, HBO has had some successes on the half-hour comedy front. Veep and Girls are two new critically acclaimed shows from the network, both of which have been renewed for second seasons. 

We'll keep you posted as developments on this potential resurrection occur. 

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Carnivàle... yeah, that one's reception should have been much more massive than it was. Though we should probably be grateful that it even got 2 seasons, not a lot of shows are so lucky.

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