Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Joins the Celebrity Perfume Craze!

nicole polizzi holding a bottle of her own perfume

With Jersey Shore Season 5 rapidly approaching, there is one female star looking to make her known for other reasons besides being a nasty “Guidette”. Nicole Polizzi has released her very own fragrance. Yes, like Britney Spears and other celebrities (Katy Perrry, Taylor Swift, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston to name a few), Nicole has decided to jump on the bandwagon and call this “interesting” blend of Kiwi, Lychee and Driftwood after her own nickname. “Snooki” has hit the shelves and already people are turning their heads to what to expect the smell to be like. Originally, the star of Jersey Shore wanted the fragrance to smell like pickles, but she decided against it when the smell did not pass the test. Instead it is a sweet smelling perfume that has her name on the bottle. People half expected it to smell like hairspray, vomit and liquor.

Like all celebrities, Nicole saw the potential of what this could do for her bank account, but also she wanted to get her own blend of perfume out there for a while. Nicole says that she had a hand in the creation processes and for $45; any woman can walk around smelling like Nicole now. Nicole may be a “meatball”, but she is following in the footsteps of celebrities that have had quite a success with the Celebrity Perfume Boom. The perfume has a leopard print design with pink and purple encompassing the bottle. The package even comes with a leopard print tote bag.
a bottle of
Released to the public late November, the reviews on the product have been nice for a change. The scent is fruity and not overpowering, but on the downside, like many Celebrity Fragrances, it only last for about an hour. Not that long if you are in the club for longer then that. Nicole decided to give a little taste of “Snooki” in the perfume and has made a really good smelling perfume. Whereas on Jersey Shore, Nicole seems to be trashy and stupid, off the set she has proven that she has class and an entrepreneur mind. She is also working with her co-star Jenni “Jwwow” on a spin-off series of the Jersey Shore where we get to see the other side of them and not the trashy party side. Could it be true that they are growing up a little bit? Either way, Nicole has shown that she is not a trashy girl from New Jersey anymore.

- Nicole Polizzi
- Jersey Shore

Written by: tvaholic
Dec 9th, 2011, 2:25 am

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