Fringe: Star John Noble Reveals Season 5 Plot Details

Beloved sci-fi favorite Fringe will return in the fall for its thirteen-episode fifth and final season. We've known for quite some time that the show's final arc would focus on the Observer invasion of earth we was in the season 4 episode "Letters of Transit." But what we didn't know exactly was when the series would pick up. See, "Letters of Transit" was set in 2036, well after the Observer invasion had taken place and the Fringe team been frozen in amber. The Fringe producers wouldn't specify whether the fifth season would pick up where "Letters of Transit" left off.

Star John Noble, who plays Walter Bishop, confirmed to TVLine yesterday that the fifth season would be future-set. “As far as I know, we’re just jumping ahead [to 2036],” Noble shared, though he hinted that the series would give glimpses (via "found footage") into the time that passed between the end of the show's fourth season and the time that Walter, Peter, Astrid, and William Bell were frozen in amber.

But now that Peter and Olivia's daughter Etta has unfrozen most of the old crew from the amber, it's time to focus on how to defeat the Observers. And while Olivia wasn't around for "Letters of Transit," worry not, says Noble. "She'll be back." 

The group will be taking some cues, too, from previous Fringe villains. “Walter, Olivia, Astrid and Peter are insurgents, so we know all the dirty tricks that have been played against us," Noble hinted. "We’ll be learning from the past.”

So what does this new future setting mean for the series as a whole? Well, it means a slim chance of seeing the alternate universe again (though it would be cool for them to play a part in the plot to defeat the Observers). It also means that we might just see Henry Ian Cusick back on the series, especially after his departure from ABC's Scandal earlier this month. And it seems likely that Georgina Haig, who played Etta, will be upped to series regular, considering the massive role she played in "Letters of Transit." We'll keep you posted on any updates that might happen there.

You can read the rest of the interview with John Noble here

Fringe will return for its fifth season on September 28, and will likely wrap up sometime in December. 

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Brilliant show,what a pity all the good shows seem to end.

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