The Jim Henson Company Teaming With The BBC To Create New Puppet Based Series

Brian & Lisa Henson with The Muppets

Fans of puppets (and of talented puppeteers having jobs) have reason to smile today, as The Jim Henson Company has announced a partnership with BBC One to produce a new puppet centered series entitled No Strings Attached. The show won't feature any of our established Muppet or Sesame Street pals, but will instead introduce the world to a whole new batch of Henson created puppet characters.

Each week, two celebrity guests will stop by and join the regular puppet cast in staging Muppet-esque sketches and games. The puppetry team will naturally be led by Jim Henson's son Brian, and he will also produce alongside his sister Lisa. UK writer and broadcaster Danny Baker will head the writers room. The puppets themselves were designed and created by the Los Angeles based Jim Henson Creature Shop.

Interestingly enough, this marks the second story in less than a week involving US talent traveling across the pond to work on a BBC series, as SNL's Andy Samberg recently signed on to star in the comedy series Cuckoo. While that project is obviously very different from No Strings Attached, both mark a reversal of a decades long pattern of Hollywood producers importing British shows and or talent to create TV for American audiences. If this is the start of a new trend, things could be getting very interesting for both countries' TV industries soon.

Do you think No Strings Attached will be yet another hit for the Henson Company? Do you think more American talent should consider plying their trade in the UK?


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Very cool news, I hope we can eventually see it here in the states.