Roseanne Barr To Be Roasted By Comedy Central

Roseanne Barr

Comedy Central has already roasted a long line of notable names (previous "honorees" include William Shatner, Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, Flavor Flav, Bob Saget, Pamela Anderson, and many more), and today the network announced the next celebrity that will be cooked over their comedic fire.

Actress/comedian Roseanne Barr (best known for her 1980's-1990's sitcom and her outspoken political views) will be the next to get skewered by a panel of comics and b-list celebrities. The show will be taped August 4th in Los Angeles, and will first air on Sunday, August 12th at 10pm EST. The members of the panel have yet to be announced, but I'm sure regulars like Jeffrey Ross, Whitney Cummings, Lisa Lampinelli, and Gilbert Gottfried are likely inclusions. I'd also expect both Tom Arnold and John Goodman to appear in some capacity, due to their respective histories with Barr. Seth McFarlane is likely to serve as roastmaster, having done the job on the last three CC roasts.

Roseanne has her fans, but they'll really have to turn out if they want to beat the new ratings record set by Charlie Sheen at the last roast broadcast. I wouldn't bet on it happening, but you never know. No matter what happens, I'm sure Charlie will claim to be "WINNING" afterward.

And if anyone was still waiting for that new Roseanne/Goodman sitcom Downwardly Mobile to premiere, it wasn't picked up by ABC, and now appears to be dead. I figured I'd note that, since I'm not sure if anyone ever covered that particular announcement for TVR.

Is Roseanne a good candidate for a roasting?


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Written by: msd85
Jun 25th, 2012, 3:32 pm

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