New Details About Jessica Lange & Adam Levine's Roles On American Horror Story Season 2

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Just as with the months leading up to the October 2011 series premiere of American Horror Story, the writers and producers of the FX supernatural drama are keeping season two plot details very close to the vest. Up until now, we've known very little about what the new season will bring us. We knew cast members such as Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson will be returning to play all new new characters, and that stars such as James Cromwell and Adam Levine would join the fun. We knew that the show would hop over from the west coast of the US to the east, and we also knew that the show would take place at a mental asylum in the 1960's.

Recently, AHS writer/producer Tim Minear finally offered a few tidbits about the characters to be played by Lange and Levine. First off, Lange's new character is a long way from Constance Langdon - "She's not playing this kind of ersatz Tennessee Williams character this time. She's playing something that's a little more East Coast, a little more patrician." And don't expect Lange to drown her sorrows in booze and sex this time out - "She's playing a nun. She's playing an administrator of a facility. It's different. In this instance, she's a bride of Christ." From Constance Langdon to a nun. I love Hollywood.

Another new addition that's driving fans wild with questions is that of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, who's making his acting debut on the series. Minear was a little less forthcoming in regards to Levine's character, but he did say that Adam will play one of a ghostly pair known as "The Lovers." Minear also says that the style of Levine's role is "kind of a nod to contemporary sensibilities, as opposed to something from the mid-century." Hmmm, interesting. "The Lovers" sounds like a pretty harmless moniker for ghosts, until you remember what kind of show this is. They could be "Lovers" of child murder or cannibalism for all we know. It certainly wouldn't surprise me.

Are you intrigued by the direction and new characters of AHS season two, or do you wish they had continued the story of season one instead?

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Strangest freakfest on TV, and I wouldn't miss one episode. I think it's a smart idea and a novel one to try a whole new scenario, at least viewers won't get bored and writers won't have to drag out a storyline until we're ready to poke out our eyes with a sharp stick ( thanks a lot The Killing). Ryan Murphy is a genius :)



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