Nicole Scherzinger: "I let Rachel down."

nicole scherzinger looking at the cameraLast night's result on X Factor US was one of the most shocking of the season. Nicole Scherzinger had the vote in her hands to either send home Marcus Canty or send home Rachel Crow and go to deadlock. Feeling the pressure of the audience and realizing that Marcus Canty has already been in the bottom two twice before, it was her way of choosing Rachel so that Marcus could have a dignified way of exiting the competition. However, she didn't count on one thing, the public vote. When the results told Rachel that she was leaving the competition, Rachel sat on the stage and sobbed. Later, the Pussycat Doll told that she was sorry that she let Rachel down like that.

Rachel making a kissy face

 Nicole later went on to say, "This is his [Marcus Canty's] third time in the bottom. And Rachel's never been in the bottom, so the probability was that America would have sent Marcus home." Rachel said that she doesn't have any hurt feelings toward Nicole based on her vote because she had no clue what was going to happen that night. Still, the singer was heartbroken to have to see one of her favorite acts in the competition go home the way she did. Like all good things, it had to happen sooner or later that another contestant had to be eliminated and by the reaction of the crowd, it was clear that they didn't want Rachel to go home. Nicole stands by her decision to have the voting go into the hands of the public rather then the judges.

Although Nicole's plan backfired, she is confident that Rachel will have a career after the show. With only 4 contestants left, the Semi-Finals are in the distance and all the singers are getting ready to show what they have to make it into the Finals. Hopefully for Nicole's sake, she won't have to make another gut wrenching decision like that again. But, then again, it is The X Factor!

- Nicole Scherzinger
- The X Factor (US)

Written by: tvaholic
Dec 9th, 2011, 2:52 pm

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