Geordie Shore star in Cancun accident

In the upcoming episode of 'Geordie Shore' set to air this week, we will see a play wrestling match go horribly wrong between two of the shows stars, Jay Gardner and James Tinsdale.

James Tinsdale

After mocking their Mexican wrestling trainer for taking his sport far too seriously "This bloke takes things so seriously. Wrestling is his life. He's got us running around doing all these exercises. I can't take him seriously", James and Jay took each other on in a match, which quickly turned sour.

Within seconds something is clearly wrong with James as he yelps out in pain after Jay goes in for the first attack. MTV have revealed that James dislocated his knee and tore ligaments during the incident. Viewers of the show will see James in a wheelchair recovering for the rest of the series.

Cast member Gaz Beadle who was also at the wrestling lesson said on the incident "This is literally the worse thing I've ever seen in terms of injury, like his knee is the other side of his leg. I can't look".

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 10th, 2012, 7:13 am

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