Kristin Chenoweth Suffers Injury on 'Good Wife' Set

kristin chenowethThe star of many Broadway shows and the recently canceled "GCB", Kristin Chenoweth, was injured on the set of 'The Good Wife' when a piece of lighting equipment fell off some scaffolding. During filming, a strong gust of wind pushed it right off and hit Chenoweth in the head. She was unconscious when the ambulance came and was taken to the nearest hospital. A spokesman from a fire department in Brooklyn says that the Broadway star was treated for "minor" injuries. Chenoweth, 43, has taken many hits in her days, but none like this.

In the upcoming season of 'The Good Wife', Chenoweth is set to portray a reoccuring role to add to the spice of the already successful show. No details as to what her status is in the hospital. However, as of 14 hours ago, she has returned to Tweeting, so that is a good sign as to how she is doing. Fans have taken to her Twitter and Facebook page offering their condolences of her accident. With a fan base as strong as Chenoweth has, it is great to see that people are rushing to her aide rather then criticizing her. 'The Good Wife' is set to premire its 4th season on September 30, 2012.

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Jul 12th, 2012, 4:10 am

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