AMC To Stream Breaking Bad Premiere Online For Dish Network Customers

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A couple weeks ago, AMC Networks programming went dark for Dish Network customers, after a dispute over carriage fees went south. Now, in what can pretty succinctly be described as a big "screw you" to Dish, AMC has announced plans to stream this Sunday's fifth season premiere of Breaking Bad directly to Dish Network's over 14 million subscribers.

Beginning today at 3pm EST, Dish customers can to this web site and register their info. Those who register will be given access to a live stream of Breaking Bad as it airs Sunday at 10pm EST. It's really as simple as that.

AMC also released a statement to the public, which serves to further their attack line against Dish - "Every cable, phone and satellite company other than Dish carries AMC and its popular programming, including Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men in their basic package. AMC wants its loyal Dish viewers to experience the excitement of the Breaking Bad premiere at the same time as their friends and neighbors and we want to give Dish customers an extra week to switch providers so they can enjoy the rest of the season".

Yep disgruntled Dish viewers, this is a one time deal. If you want to see the rest of the Breaking Bad season as it airs, you'll have to find a new TV provider. Either that, or pursue various legally questionable avenues online, which obviously come with their own pitfalls. Of course, there is always a chance that this dispute will end sooner rather than later, and AMC will return to its regular spot in the Dish channel lineup. I'm not holding my breath at this point though, with both sides continuing to take public shots at each other.

Is this a good move by AMC in their war against Dish Network? Or should both companies just grow up and cooperate already?


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Written by: msd85
Jul 13th, 2012, 4:36 am


Message Posted On Jul 15th, 2012, 8:56 pm
It could also mean that after the premier more episodes will follow. I mean who only offers one episode? And is this a ploy by AMC for anything else? Since subscriber info will have to be left in order to watch the one and only episode. Maybe they will use the info to bolster their claim that they deserve more money then dish is willing to give them. Either way, who expects to watch a premiere of a series and only the premiere? When ABC premieres a show unless it is canceled they show the rest. In this case it is not so. You could have said: AMC To Stream Breaking Bad Premiere Only Online For Dish Network Customers. One simple word makes the world of difference.


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Message Posted On Jul 15th, 2012, 6:14 pm

"The title is a tad misleading. They will only stream one episode. With your heading one can easily assume that there will be more then one episode."

Sorry if you felt misled by the title, that certainly wasn't my intention. Although to be fair to me, I did specifically say Breaking Bad "Premiere", which I figured would make clear only the season premiere episode would be streamed. That said, I do very much agree that AMC expecting people to switch TV providers just for them is pretty ridiculous.


Message Posted On Jul 14th, 2012, 9:12 pm
The title is a tad misleading. They will only stream one episode. With your heading one can easily assume that there will be more then one episode. And for them to assume people will switch to another provider and incur new setup fees is a bit presumptuous on AMCS's part. Given that a lot of people have access to the web they will probably download the episodes for free and save money on not having an ahole of a service provider that thinks they are gods gift to subscribers.

Message Posted On Jul 13th, 2012, 6:46 am
"we want to give Dish customers an extra week to switch providers so they can enjoy the rest of the season" we have to remember cable/the internet isnt everywhere in American. For farms and remote cottages most of the time the only option is satellite And that other satellite provider isnt missing any other channels. VIACOM..... so dish users cant win. they invest in receivers that they wont be able to use on another provider, and its not a simple switch, they need a new dish installed too. then you can take your pick, Viacom (as in new futurama/daily show etc) or pay alot to switch to another provider just for breaking bad. AMC needs to shut its mouth about "options", it is EXTREMELY UNREASONABLE to ask someone to switch television providers for 1 show on 1 channel, especially when the other satellite provider is in disputes with Viacom networks.
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