Channel 4 announces 2012/2013 Dramas

Channel 4 has announced it's line-up of dramas for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2013 as well as a few renewals.

Here and There

Sep/Oct 2012

From Michael Winterbottom comes the story of a family struggling to deal with the prison sentence that the character John Simm will play is given.


Late 2012/Early 2013

Guy Hibbert has penned this one off drama which will follow MI5 agent Edward (David Oyewolo) as he attempts to crack the next 7/7 attack and comes face to face with terror suspect Waleed (Ashid Ali). 

The Fear (4 Part Series)

Nov/Dec 2012

Peter Mullan will play the head of a family firm, who alongside his two sons will have to deal with a new rival gang of Albanians. Set in Brighton, his behaviour soon becomes erratic and could inflame the situation.

Coup (4 Part Series)

Sep/Oct 2012

Gabriel Byrne will make his first UK television appearance since 1994 leading the cast of this new series. Based on the novel by a former labour MP, Byrne will take on the role of Tom Dawkins who after thinking all is not right when a accident happens in Teeside, becomes involved in a government conspiracy.


Run (4 Part Series)

Winter 2012/2013

Each episode of this 4 part drama will see how four compeletely unconnected characters lives intertwine in order to survive. Each episode will focus on one character with the four lead roles been taken on by Jaime Winstone, Olivia Colman, Lennie James and Katie Leung.

Olivia Colman in Run

Utopia (6 Part Series)


The Network is a mysterious unit that this series shall revolve around also featuring a strange graphic novel.

My Fat Mad Teenage Diary

Nov 2012

Set in the lives of teenagers growing up in the 90s at the height of 'Cool Britannia'.



Also confirmed was the sequel to the 1982 film The Snowman set to air over Christmas celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the original Raymond Briggs film.nn

Alongside the new series announced was a set of renewals of Channel 4 favourites.

Fresh Meat will return for a second series in October.

Misfits will return for it's fourth series in October/November on E4.

Beaver Falls will return to E4 for it's second series in August.

Top Boy will air a second series in 2013.

Skins has already had it's final series announced, however no information about the set of final films was released, suggesting that the show may not air in it's normal early year slot.

Also announced was the return of HBO's Homeland to the network, which for it's second series will air with a shorter delay then the show's first run on the channel. The second series first episode is set to air in October.

What show's are you looking forward to, whether they be new or returning?



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