Louis C.K. Defends Daniel Tosh on The Daily Show

Louis C.K. is a brilliant comedian, talented writer, and the star of the best comedy series currently on television (FX's heartwarming Louie). He's also been called a "rape apologist," a title which he sarcastically accepts.

On Monday night's episode of The Daily Show (which DirecTV subscribers like myself were unfortunately unable to watch), C.K. brought up his defense of Daniel Tosh, a comedian who came under fire for making off-color rape jokes directed at a female audience member after she complained aloud about the content of his set.

C.K. had come under fire for a supportive tweet directed at Tosh after the controversy, which C.K. insisted was unrelated. "I was on vacation, I was in Vermont, just being in the green in America ... I was watching TV in a hotel room and Daniel Tosh's show came on, "Tosh.0," and it's making me laugh. And I wasn't reading the internet at the time, 'cause that's how I go on vacation ... I wrote a tweet to say your show makes me laugh. And then two days later I come home and I read, 'Louis CK defends Daniel Tosh amid rape joke controversy.' I had no idea he got in trouble for making some jokes about rape and I didn't know about it, so I'm a defender of rape ... I've been called a rape apologist."

Fans of C.K. will undoubtedly understand why that's so funny. His stand-up sets have occasionally explored the topic of rape, always sarcastically. His best? "You should never rape anyone. Unless they won't have sex with you."

It's all obviously tongue-in-cheek, but C.K. explained such dark humor on The Daily Show. "For me, any joke about anything bad is great. Any joke about rape, holocaust, the Mets, whatever ... but I've read some blogs during this whole thing that have enlightened me, that I didn't know. This woman said how rape is something that polices women's lives -- they can't go out late, they can't go to certain neighborhoods, they can't dress a certain way -- but I can still enjoy a good rape joke."

Watch C.K.'s Daily Show interview here. Louie's next episode (the absolutely phenomenal "Daddy's Girlfriend, Part 1") airs Thursday, July 19.

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Written by: mcpherson
Jul 17th, 2012, 9:59 am


Message Posted On Jul 22nd, 2012, 12:01 am
Quote "trash talkers like that need censors" Yeah they already have that, it's called a remote control. Don't like it, change the channel.

Message Posted On Jul 21st, 2012, 5:30 pm
Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. It says he "defended" Daniel Tosh with his tweet....Then went on to explain that he was just saying he liked Daniels show at an inopportune time. Louis said pretty clearly he was not defending him. Someone should rape this author.....anally.

Message Posted On Jul 19th, 2012, 7:58 pm
Freedom of speech does not cover threats to others. While Tosh had the right to make a rape joke, the female audience member had the right to object. The problem, as I see it, is that Tosh then attacked her directly by threatening her with gang rape.

Message Posted On Jul 18th, 2012, 2:02 pm
Its the cost of FREE Speech deal with it. I may not agree with what you say but I WILL defend to the death your RIGHT TO SAY IT

Message Posted On Jul 18th, 2012, 8:03 am
trash talkers like that need censors
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