Justin Bieber Christmas Special to be Taped in Canada

Justin Bieber gives his fan another present, this week he returns to Canda to tape his own Christmas Speical. The Justin Bieber Christmas Special will be taped for MuchMusic and CTV. There is even a contest were one lucky fan will actually be flown to the set for the taping.The Bieber Christmas special will be filming in Toronto. Sales of tickets will be donated to Justin’s charity BELIEVE. No other details are known.

Fans are already beginning to speculate if girlfriend Selena Gomez will appear. Some of film of the two together have been shown in a special that aired in the UK on Saturday. That special has been uploaded online for international fans.

Of course, the highlight of Under the Mistletoe is the duet with Miriah Carey. The two got close in a video, where momma Carey is looking just as beautiful as ever. Carey give birth to twins in April of this year. Watch her create sparks with Justin Bieber in the video for  All I Want for Christmas.

That isn’t the end of Bieber Fever for the Holidays. On Sunday, he performed for Obama and the White House as apart of 

Justin Bieber Christmas Concert

the Christmas in Washington concert. This year it was hosted by Conan O’Brien who had this to say , “ It's especially exciting to be here during this joyous season, when we celebrate the arrival of a miracle child, worshiped by millions around the world," he said. "Of course I'm talking about Justin Bieber."

Justin has 15 million fans on Twitter. He is only second to Lady Gaga with 17 million! In fact Justin Bieber fans are so supportive that they have to keep his name out of the Trending Topics. That hasn’t stopped his fans from inventing new ways to talk about their idol. Various versions of his name show up from time to time. No wonder this kid has three full-length musical performances this Christmas for one album! He may be on of the hardest working musical performers in the business. 

How do you feel about the new Justin Bieber Christmas Special? Share your thoughts in the comments.

- MuchMusic
- Justin Bieber

Written by: susans
Dec 12th, 2011, 12:17 pm

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