Person of Interest Nabs LOST Actor and Justified Actress for Season 2

The guest cast list for the second season of CBS's Person of Interest is already looking exciting. It was announced Monday that the Jim Caviezel-starring procedural series had nabbed two familiar faces to populate its sophomore outing.

The first of those is actor Ken Leung, who most television fans remember distinctly as the sarcastic ghost whisperer Miles Straume in the last three seasons of ABC's sci-fi drama LOST. Leung, who is reported to appear in Person of Interest's season premiere, will be reunited with a familiar face. Star Michael Emerson previously appeared on LOST as Benjamin Linus, with whom Leung's Miles had a testy relationship (it involved blackmail). Emerson and Leung also both appeared (but not together) in the 2004 horror film Saw (which was, if you'll remember, actually pretty good).

The second new face to appear in Person of Interest season 2 is actress Margo Martindale. Martindale's been quite busy recently, but you probably remember her from her gripping performance as crime family matriarch Mags Bennett in the second season of FX's Justified. That role won her an Emmy, and quite deservedly so. After her exit from that show, Martindale starred in the short-lived series A Gifted Man and is slated to appear in the upcoming Showtime series Masters of Sex. She also has been cast in the ABC pilot Counter Culture. Martindale will appear in the second episode of Person of Interest's second season.

It's unknown what characters either Leung or Martindale will be portraying.

Person of Interest is slated to kick off its second season on September 27, with the premiere episode "The Contingency."

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Written by: mcpherson
Jul 24th, 2012, 9:31 am


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