Doctor Who to Have Multiple 50th Anniversary Specials, No Full Series Until 2014

doctor who series 7Steven Moffat likes to keep us guessing about Doctor Who. Like his other BBC series Sherlock, the scheduling for the sci-fi series has been erratic at best under showrunner Moffat. There's real reasoning behind that -- Moffat feels that scheduling complacency will eventually lead to viewer complacency, a death sentence for a television show. With the show's seventh series gearing up to start next month, what exactly is in the cards for the next few years of Doctor Who?

We know that 2012 will see five episodes and a Christmas special air. The remaining eight episodes of series 7 will hit the airwaves in early 2013.

Doctor Who will also celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013, and while it's been long known that there would be a massive special to celebrate that, star Matt Smith may have let slip that there will be more than one anniversary special. 

Smith spoke of Moffat's first anniversary special as being "as brilliant and as mental as you’d expect from Steven." There's no word on how many more specials in 2013 there will be, but it's certainly a reason to be excited; more Who is always better.

Speaking of more Who, what about the next series? In typical Moffat form, it appears that we'll have to wait until 2014 to see the eighth series of the show. Smith did let slip that when Moffat pitched to him the next series, he asked, "Are you ready to cry?"

Of course, Smith wouldn't share any more, cryptically stating, "I know absolutely nothing that I can tell you."

I don't know about you, but it sounds to me like we'll be looking at the Eleventh Doctor's departure in 2014. But that's all conjecture, of course. Here's what we know for certain right now: Doctor Who series 7 will premiere sometime next month on BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the US with the premiere episode "Asylum of the Daleks."

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"Moffat feels that scheduling complacency will eventually lead to viewer complacency"


Wow... that's... really stupid...

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