Sarah Palin Selling New Reality Show

Sarah Palin is perhaps best known as the vice presidential candidate for the Republican party during the 2008 election, oh and of course as the reality star of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

In 2010 the conservative politician created a bidding war between A&E and TLC for a reality show about her life in Alaska. It seems that now Palin is pitching another reality TV show that no one cares about, suggesting maybe her 15 minutes of fame is up?

Conservatives hoped the Alaskan governor would announce her candidacy for the 2012 presidential elections, but it appears she is more interested in doing what she can in the media. After announcing she would not run for president, Palin has since focused on staying in the media’s eye, working on the image of her family. One way she hopes to do this is with a reality show focusing on her husband, Todd’s, professional, and championship, snowmobiling career.

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was a huge hit for TLC, drawing in over 5 million viewers, so it’s actually quite surprising that no one is jumping at the offer. It could easily be that she’s often seen more as a joke than a politician, and the public is more focused on the real government issues at bay- the upcoming election. If Palin and Mark Burnett Productions wasn’t seeking around $1 million per episode, that may also help her chances at selling the show.

The saddest part of all of this is just think what Tina Fey could do with this material on her next hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live.” Good news for Palin, there’s about 1,000 channels on digital cable, some channel no one has ever heard of will think it’s a gold mine.


Written by: mawarner
Dec 12th, 2011, 2:34 pm

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