Arrested Development: Ron Howard Tweets Photo of First Season 4 Script

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Arrested Development is coming back for a fourth season, and the world grows dark and cold. But then Ron Howard tweets a photo of the first script of season 4, and the sun shines just a little bit brighter.

Howard, who executive produces the comedy series, tweeted a photo of the new script on Thursday. Well, it was a PDF version of the script he was reading on his iPad. And while the cover page was low resolution and hard to read, a few fantastic tidbits of information were able to be gleaned.

It appears that the fourth season will officially be following a centric character per episode. There have been conflicting reports regarding that format, but this script appears to confirm it: the still in-progress script is titled "Arrested Development: Michael," meaning that at least the season 4 premiere (and it is being referred to as season 4, according to the script) will at least focus on the Bluth family's straight man, Michael (Jason Bateman). 

The script's still being written, but this is the most solid piece of Arrested Development's revival that we've seen yet. While the series hasn't quite met its projected summer 2012 filming date, one a couple of scripts are finished, there's nothing to stop the cameras rolling.

Season 4 will reportedly be ten episodes long, all of which will premiere at the same time on Netflix in early 2013. They're all reported to be lead-ins to an Arrested Development movie, but to be honest, I'd just as soon have a fifth season.

Check out the photo of Ron Howard's script for "Michael" below, and try to contain yourself.

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Written by: mcpherson
Jul 26th, 2012, 9:47 am


Message Posted On Jul 27th, 2012, 5:26 am
Finally, some sort of tangible progress on the new season. As you mentioned, I'd rather have another full season (or more) than a movie. Half-four tv shows generally don't work well as movies, plus with another season you get 10 seperate bite-sized adventures. Plus, due to the long layoff, the possible format change (character-centric episodes), and the probable inability to rehire the entire old writing staff, odds are there may be an episode or two that are below AD's established gold standard. If you have one or two subpar episodes, you'll still have 8 or 9 great ones. If you do a single movie that's not that good, you'll just have one large disappointment. As far as seasons 5, 6, etc, there is a chance that something could happen. There was an article (that may have been on another site) where Mitch Hurwitz was saying that if this 4th season works out well, they'd possibly be interested in making more.
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