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New Girl Season 2 Premiere Episode Title and Synopsis Released

new girl season 2FOX's highly-viewed sitcom New Girl will be returning for a quirky second season in the fall, and we've got plenty of details about the season two premiere episode.

The first season ended with the episode "See Ya," which left a big question mark on the relationship between Schmidt and Cece. Schmidt, jealous of Cece, had found a flirtatious text mesage on her phone, causing his doubts about their relationship to grow. He tried to "White Fang" her away (set her free because he loves her). His like "How am I supposed to trust you, Cece? You slept with me! I mean, that doesn't say much about your taste in men," brought a tear to her eye. But there still appeared to be some hope for their relationship.

Well, that is, until you read this synopsis for the season 2 premiere, which is titled "Re-Launch": "Eager to announce to the world that he's back, with fully functioning nether regions, Schmidt throws a party and hires Jess as a shot girl after she's laid off from her teaching position."

While that obviously doesn't bode well for Jess, it bodes even worse for Schmidt and Cece -- he's obviously happy to announce that he's single again. Of course, it probably won't last and the two will get back together, but how many bad decisions will Schmidt have to make before that happens? 

New Girl season 2 will premiere September 25 on FOX.

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Written by: mcpherson
Jul 26th, 2012, 1:44 pm

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