Burn Notice Creator Teases Tonight's Major Death

burn notice season 6Burn Notice will be killing off a major character tonight. It's a move that happens right in the middle of the show's sixth season, in the episode appropriately titled "Shock Wave." And while we don't know which Burn Notice character will be biting the dust (hint: it won't be Michael), creator and showrunner Matt Nix talked to The Hollywood Reporter to give a preview of the big death and to explain why it's the right storytelling action to take at this point in the season.

"Shock Wave" will serve to flip the storyline on its head, Nix shared. "Suddenly Michael has an even more personal quest that he's dealing with that complicates everything, including his relationship with the intelligence community, his friends and his family."

But while the death will be important and shocking Nix stresses that it occurs halfway through the season because the "massive fallout" that will result is ultimately what matters. "We kicked [the death] around as a season finale. We asked ourselves what if we moved it up and what we found was that really, the thing that was most interesting to me about this was what Michael does once it happens," Nix said. "By having this happen in the middle of the season, it allowed us to really play out the more personal consequences that would be more immediate for the audience."

Nix assured fans that the show is only going to get more tense moving forward in the season. "Though [the show] has been ramping up to [episode six], boy does it ramp up right after it," he shared. "By the end of the season, the show is in a place you wouldn't have seen it going and that is no place we've ever been."

Read the full, much longer interview with Nix over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Sound exciting? Want to know which major character will be biting the dust? Well, perhaps you should tune into Burn Notice, which airs its "Shock Wave" of an episode tonight at 9/8c on USA.



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RIP Nate, Micheals gonna avenge you.


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Michaels brother

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Fiona? hope not...

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