Mad Men Season 5 Blu-ray and DVD Box Art Released

mad men season 5 dvdOne of my favorite things about Mad Men home releases is how varied the box art designs can be. The first season's set was a pretty straightforward silhouette of Don Draper looking out at the New York skyline. But the second season set was meant to resembe a shirt in a box, and the season 3 set was simply a glass of whiskey against a black background. The fourth season brought us back to the silhouette motif with the image of Draper falling. So what does season 5's box set bring? Well, unfortunately, nothing too daring.

It's essentially the main promotional art used for the series: Don (Jon Hamm) walking by a shop window, taking a moment to look at some mannequins who very closely resembled the relationship he and his wife share. Interestingly enough, though, the 'D' in MAD censors the female mannequin, who appears naked with her robe around her ankles. No such censorship was used for the original poster, but I suspect that the designers of the box art feared that conservative chains like Walmart wouldn't sell a DVD that even had the slightest hint of titillation on the cover -- even if it is a mannequin. 

No release date has been confirmed for the set, though the rumors say it will hit in October. No confirmed features have been announced, either, but we'll be keeping our eyes on Lionsgate Home Entertainment to see just what gets announced. We'll keep you posted as we find out.

What do you think about the box art? Is it as distinctive as the art for previous releases, or do you think it could use a little bit of a creative boost?

Mad Men season 6 is anticipated to begin in 2013.

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You must have missed the original season one DVD box- it was a replica of a Zippo lighter.  Beautiful thing, if not entirely practical.  I got season one cheap on Blu-ray before I got a chance ot open it, so it's good as new on my shelf of collectibles.

I liked the art when I saw the poster and think it looks good on the box.  It'd be better if the white cast were a plastic slip cover and the art was on a box inside.  That could be the case (haha) already.

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