Martin Sheen Cast As Full-Time Member On ‘Anger Management’

charlie sheen picPresident of FX, John Landgraf says that ‘Anger Management’, the comedy show starring Charlie Sheen has now landed Martin Sheen, Charlie’s father, as a full-time cast member! The show itself has exceeded expectations and is likely to return next year. FX has agreed to 90 more episodes of the comedy show and with only six episodes aired, the ratings are staying up and climbing even higher.

Of course, the president is still weary with what the future may hold, but has said that it is “very likely”. As for Martin Sheen, he is appearing in the ninth episode and has already agreed to joining his son on the other 90 episodes.

Charlie has responded by saying, “I’m excited as hell. I don’t think 90 is going to be enough. I feel we’ve started that we’ve barely scratched the surface.” The actor claims that he is not crazy anymore. We all remember the fiasco of what Three And a Half Men did to Charlie and how the backlash nearly destroyed him. The star is hopeful as they air episode after episode and score ratings gold with viewers. No one could have expected that the show would succeed the way it has and it is sure to continue.

The media has jumped at the chance to bring the show down, but have not succeeded in delivering bad news. FX is sure to make a lot with the show and don’t see any reason to drop it from their station any time soon. Landgraf has stated, “What the entry of Martin Sheen’s character will do is it will give an extra dimension to the show and make it a multi-generational family show,”

This is what everyone is hoping for. Here’s to a great season Mr. Sheen! What do you think? Is this worth the while?

Source: EW

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Jul 28th, 2012, 11:29 am


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Message Posted On Jul 30th, 2012, 6:40 am

90 episodes? Bloody hell!

I watched the first couple of episodes and it was okay, but after 5 of them I already felt like the show had run its course. It was nice to see the difference in networks—FX can afford writers that, in contrast to Two and a Half Men, write the occasional joke that's actually funny.

But it's not enough to keep me watching personally, the characters are far too flat for my taste. After a few episodes you can already see most of the jokes coming, because they always follow the same pattern.


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Message Posted On Jul 28th, 2012, 11:54 pm

Whoo Hoo!!! I think it's going to be great.... I started watching this show with low expectations since I hate what he does in his personal life....However, this is turning out to be a funny one. I love him as a comedic actor and I loved him in 2 1\2 men, his deapan style and timing are spot on. I also really enjoy Martin Sheen working with his sons. I know I'll continue to tune in.

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