Jennifer Beals Joins ABC "Castle" For Two Episodes

This season’s “Castle” has shown us a different side of Castle and Beckett’s personal and professional relationship. In February things will heat up as "Flashdance" and "The L Word's" Jennifer Beals joins the cast for a two-part guest starring role.

TV Guide reports that Beals will play Sophia Conrad, a CIA operative helping Castle and Beckett find a comrade. The pair are looking for a CIA agent who has gone AWOL and is now a murder suspect.  Sophia and Castle must work closely together on the case, while Beckett notices a complicated history between the pair. This causes problems and most likely jealousy.

It’s likely that Beals role will be significant since the only other two guest stars to have such a recurring role was Dana Delaney and Adrian Pasadar. Delaney help catch a murder who tried to blow Beckett up in a building, while Pasadar stopped a bomb that was about to blow up New York City. One can highly suspect that Castle and Sophia had a rich, romantic past that will interfere with future relationships for Castle. There’s always that one threat in any relationship, especially if you were in love and experienced significant events together.

ABC will air the highly anticipated episode during the February sweeps. With such a significant role, does this mean we could see Beals again in the future to stir up trouble?


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Dec 12th, 2011, 3:37 pm


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networks poison our minds and waste our time. that's why they're free,ya know


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It's AWOL. Its an acronym for Absent without leave. Your welcome !

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Also, did anyone notice that the date on this trash?? Almost 7 months old! Is this a carnival palm reader or what?


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Wow, this little blurb sounds like it was ripped straight from some love-lorn advice column. The quality of writing has sorely deteriorated in the last couple of years.


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Thanks for the warning.  I'll make sure to continue not watching this lame show.

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