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CBS Unveils Posters for New Fall Shows

CBS has four major new drama shows headed to the network this fall, and on Sunday it released the key art for each of them, featuring images of the characters and taglines. Which ones worked, and which ones didn't? Let's go through them one by one and decide, shall we?

First up is Vegas, which doesn't waste any time in delineating good and bad. Dennis Quaid's sheriff Ralph Lamb is in the white half of the poster, meaning he's a good guy. Meanwhile, Michael Chiklis stands before a black background, meaning he's bad. It's a little simplistic thematically, but stylistically it surprisingly works (though I really can't get over how little like a gangster and how much like an Observer Chiklis looks). The tagline "Let the Sin Begin" isn't too bad either. In fact, of the four key arts released by CBS, this one might be my favorite. On to Elementary.

While I'm firmly in the "This is a dumbed-down version of BBC's Sherlock and I'll never watch it" camp, I've got to say that the tagline, "New Holmes. New Watson. New York," isn't half bad, if a little trite. The poster on the other hand is pretty bland. I like the brown tones, but there's not much to work with other than stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, who aren't doing anything that interesting. Not that I could have really been convinced to watch the series at all, but this poster doesn't even make me feel a little bit bad about that.

At first glance, this poster looks like a mix of The Devil Wears Prada and New Girl or something. But it's elegant in its simplicity; the briefcase is a surprisingly subtle clue that Martina here is a lawyer. The tagline "Every Underdog Has Her Day" is also a subtle hint to that fact, though it appears to be left intentionally vague. Without knowing the premise of the show, I would have no idea what it's about. Maybe CBS is trying to attract a wider audience than those that usually tune into legal shows by simply not explicitly revealing that she's a lawyer.

Finally, there's Partners, which looks like Friends-meets-Will & Grace. The poster definitely has a vibe of 'fun life with friends in the big city,' with us looking into backseat of a cab as the driver. The tagline, "Four friends. Three couples" is a clever one that reveals the conceit of the show -- these two couples (one gay, one straight) are united by a platonic relationship between the two central characters. The poster certainly doesn't let us forget the Will & Grace connection with the big caption on the top, either.

All four shows are slated to premiere this fall on CBS. Which ones are you looking forward to?

- Elementary
- Vegas
- Made in Jersey
- Michael Chiklis
- Dennis Quaid
- Lucy Liu
- Jonny Lee Miller

Written by: mcpherson
Jul 29th, 2012, 2:51 am


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Message Posted On Jul 29th, 2012, 11:33 pm

The final two look like they will have 0% originality. Made in Jersey seems to basically be Fairly Legal, which I hated; and are people ever going to grow tired of these networks' "Look at us, we're not homophobic!!!" token gay shows? I bet it's rather offensive to gay people that in 2012, "looks funny and talks funny" is still the only thing that seems to come to mind for broadcast show writers when they want to create a gay character.

I like crime shows, including very traditional ones, but Elementary hasn't exactly given me a reason to look forward to it. And Vegas looks nice, but after the magnificent Boardwalk Empire, the failed Playboy Club, and the bland Magic City, I've had enough shows of the genre for a while. So I'll be watching none of these four.


Message Posted On Jul 29th, 2012, 7:14 am
I hold big expectations for Vegas: great writer, great cast, not laughable premise.

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Message Posted On Jul 29th, 2012, 3:01 am

All of them.

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