Modern Family Recasts the Role of Stella, the Dog

It's been a busy week for the cast of Modern Family. In the past seven days, the adult cast members have boycotted a table read, sued the studio over their contracts, and demanded raises. The child cast members have also demanded contract renegotiations, with each group working in solidarity to ensure that their demands are met. But one cast member, who had been left out of such controversies, was fired anyway!

According to TMZ, the dog playing Stella has been replaced. Jay Pritchett's (Ed O'Neill) canine companion will no longer be portrayed by French bulldog Brigette in the show's upcoming fourth season. Brigette had been signed by canine casting agency Good Dog Animals, who unceremoniously dumped her in favor of replacement bulldog Beatrice, who will be Modern Family's new Stella. According to TMZ, "there was no written contract in place to ensure Brigitte's continued employment -- so Brigitte's owner doesn't have much legal recourse."

While Brigette's replacement with Beatrice remains unexplained, there's only one explanation that seems likely: Brigette tried to join in with the rest of the Modern Family cast to renegotiate her salary, but the network found her the most replacable of the group and left her out in the cold.

Of course, that's not what happened, but it's the only explanation we can think of. 

If you like a little bit of snark, you can head on over to TMZ to read the full story.

Modern Family's cast, while still negotiating salaries, have returned to work on the show's fourth season, which is expected to premiere this fall on ABC.

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Jul 30th, 2012, 1:05 pm


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