AMC Attacks Dish Network with Zombies

You can file this news under 'No, we're not kidding.'

Ever since Dish Networks dropped AMC from its list of channels carried by the satellite provider, the network has been on the offensive. Nearly every advertisement for original programming aired on the network since has included an urge for fans to drop Dish in favor of a carrier with AMC. But now, about a month after Dish dropped AMC, the fight got dirtier. And bloodier.

AMC unleashed thirteen zombies into New York City to raise terror --um, awareness -- of the fact that Dish still hasn't picked the channel back up. Okay, zombies aren't real, but they unleashed thirteen actors dressed as the undead. A video posted on YouTube showed the make-up application process, and also featured one of the zombies dragging a satellite dish through the streets of New York. At the end of the video, on-screen text reads, “Zombies don’t belong here. Put them back on TV.”

It's a reference to AMC's horror series The Walking Dead, which returns to the network on October 14. As it's the network's highest rated series, it makes sense for zombies to be the main focus of the campaign. Viewers of the video are directed to check out, which informs viewers of the situation.

The video and website are the work of Thinkmodo, a PR company hired by AMC.

AMC is home to some of television's most critically acclaimed shows, including Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

Check out the video, titled "Zombie Experiment NYC," here. The Walking Dead returns for a third season on October 14.


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Written by: mcpherson
Jul 31st, 2012, 2:19 pm

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