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CBS Cancels Dating Series '3' After Two Episodes

Viewers hoping to see a mix-up of the standard dating show format should be disappointed by last night's announcement that CBS has canceled its latest dating series, the simply titled '3.'

The series focused on three very different women brought together to select mates out of a pool of one hundred men. The series had very little in the way of drama; in fact, instead of the women fighting over the men, they were supportive of each other. The series was based on a similar, rather peaceful Israeli dating series

While that might seem like a recipe for low-pulse viewing success, the lack of drama also seemed to translate to a lack of viewers tuning in; the two episodes of the series that aired received low ratings.

But the series was competing against the Olympics, you say? Well, that's certainly true, but the show did much worse than other shows also competing against NBC's delayed coverage of the Olympics. Even CBS's own reality series Big Brother, which aired immediately before 3, scored four times the viewership that 3 did in the crucial 18-49 category, according to TV by the Numbers.

The series premiered just a few days ago, on July 26.

3 will be taken off the network's schedule effective immediately, CBS announced Tuesday night, and will be replaced by reruns of CBS dramas for the remainder of the summer, until the fall season kicks off.

What do you think? Are you sad to see 3 go, or are you more of a fan of dramatic unscripted television?

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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 1st, 2012, 9:58 am

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