Live From The UK Big Brother House - Eviction 9 and The White Room Twist

Brian was back and with just over a week to go before the final four housemates faced the axe from the house. Conor and Luke S would also take part in the final part of the White Room task as well.

After highlights were shown of life in the house, Becky learnt that her time in the house was over and she left to a chorus of boos from the crowd outside.

Conor and Luke were then surprised when Big Brother Brother announced that one of them would get the chance to leave the house with up to half of the prize money whilst the other would win a free pass to the final. Who ever took the money would also have to leave the house straight away. Conor stipulated that he wanted the free pass but when the money reached £50,000 he ended up pressing his buzzer leaving a visually upset Luke shocked as he was about to press his buzzer himself. After Conor left the house he explained his reasons why to Brian why he took the money and that he wasn't sorry that he duped Luke.

Brian also teased that next Friday it would be a double elimination.




- Big Brother (UK)

Written by: Ben Drummond
Aug 3rd, 2012, 11:30 pm

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