Glee Cast Ready to Revolt?

Glee cast members have a frowning face when the cameras aren’t rolling. Or at least that is what the press wants us to believe. Rumors have popped up before about the casts anger towards a relentless schedule. Now they are resurfacing as an inside source says the cast is close to mutiny.

Lea Michele, who plays Rachel, is the leading lady of Glee.  Sources say she has led the attacks on Ryan Murphy according to inside sources. The source also alleges that the cast receives no money from the singles sold on iTunes  and were recently denied raises.

It was US that broke the news about the hurt feelings. Reading the article it  is hard to tell fact from friction. Glee cast members are coming out and denying any drama. Yet, the disapproval in the face of Chris Colfer’s campanion may be telling a different story.

Tonight is the Glee Christmas Special. It is an homage to the Holiday specials of the 60s and 70s and will feature hairy companion Chewbecca. Sue Sylvester will also make a request of some of the Glee members. A sneak peek reveals some classic Sue lines as she asks for a favor!

Tonight’s episode features some Holiday classics, and two new original songs. The title of the episode, “ Extraordinary Merry Christmas” is also an original song that will be featured in the episode.  Another features song for the night will be “Do They Know It's Christmas?" Sales of the single for that son will go to the Band Aid charity.

This season the Glee writers have decided to split the season in two arcs. These two mini seasons mimic a school year. Tonight’s midseason finale will not just mark a hiatus, but the end of the fall semester. Next year will pick-up with the characters at the beginning of a new semester.

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Dec 13th, 2011, 10:49 am

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