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Syfy wants to take you to the Moon

After two years in development, Syfy is ready to go to the Moon. The network has ordered a 90-minute pilot for a potential new series entitled High Moon, scheduled to begin production this fall in Vancouver. Based on the 1969 young-adult science-fiction novel The Lotus Caves by John Christopher, the story takes place in a futuristic mining colony on the Moon as a mysterious new alien life form is discovered and various groups plan to exploit its secrets.

Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller—one of the busiest men in television with a pre-Silence of the Lambs television adaptation of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, simply called Hannibal, and a reboot of The Munsters, entitled Mockingbird Lane, in the pipeline at NBC—will executive-produce along with Emmy Award-winning producer Robert Halmi Sr. and Jim Danger Gray, another Daisies collaborator who will also handle writing duties. Through his production company, The Halmi Co., Halmi Sr. has previously worked with Syfy on event programming such as Tin Man, Alice, and Neverland. Mark Stern, president of original content for Syfy, commented on the project, "This is a fresh and compelling vision of an exotic new world driven by character, intrigue, and greed."

The Lotus Caves, by John Christopher

According to Wikipedia, the novel focuses on two teenage boys who live in a lunar colony in the year 2068 and, growing bored with life inside "The Bubble," decide to explore outside the approved area. Crashing through a series of underground caverns, they discover an intelligent life form as well as a missing lunar explorer who has been communing with the alien. Since the alien provides everything they need, the boys are torn between living in the caves or returning to the settlement. While I haven't read the book, the conflict between independence and authority should provide a very human hook for this extraterrestrial tale. Will this be another Terra Nova, or will High Moon live up to its potential?

Source: EW.com

- Bryan Fuller
- Syfy

Written by: Chrononaut
Aug 6th, 2012, 6:18 am


Message Posted On Aug 7th, 2012, 11:58 pm
You got that right. This will be another one in the long list of canceled shows without a satisfying end. There is a reason why Galactica is the number 1 sci-fi show to date. It has a start, a story and a proper pre-scripted end. There is no art or vision in directing & producing anymore. Only the $ counts.

Message Posted On Aug 6th, 2012, 9:03 am
What's the point? They'll just cancel it prematurely anyway.
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