Rashida Jones Discusses Parks and Recreation's Future and Emmy Snub

Rashida JonesThe Primetime Emmy nomination were announced less than a month ago, with a few major names missing from categories. For example, American Idol was missing from Best Reality TV Shows and Parks and Recreation was not nominated for Best Comedy. The cast has stayed fairly mum on the subject, that is except for outspoken (but absolutely adored) Rashida Jones. Jones is currently promoting her indie romantic comedy Celeste and Jesse Forever, but does not mind talking up her small screen role as well.

Parks and Recreation is one of those shows that doesn’t have a consistent air time or premiere date alongside other “popular” NBC comedies, so fans are afraid to commit their time to watching. However, it includes a cast list of big names like Azis Ansari and Amy Poehler who hand out edgy laughs you can’t find on other shows (aside from the also underrated Community). Jones points out that the cast knows they are part of something special, even if critics don’t.

“The thing that’s just crazy is that it’s clearly deserved, so it just makes them look crazy,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview. Though Jones is speaking out against the judgment error, she also shares that she’s waiting for big things to happen with her character, Ann Perkins. Jones would like to see Ann have a “big moment” this season she told Salon, sharing that her character is always the one that other characters lean on, but she rarely has a moment to shine.

Despite the cast knowing it has something special going on, Jones is the first to admit that they are all close because they are always on ‘the bubble’ for cancellation. However, it works well for their creative process.

"It's amazing that we're still on. We've been in this phase where we're, like, on the bubble for the entire time we've been on the air and the truth is, it's kinda good,“ she told Rolling Stone. “It's brought us closer together because we seriously, legitimately appreciate every single minute that we spend together, because we're always hearing that it might be limited, so we just go with it."

Parks and Recreation will return to NBC this fall in the 9:30/8:30 time slot on Thursdays starting September 25.

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Aug 6th, 2012, 1:27 pm

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