'Brady Bunch' remake: are you ready for another story about a man named Brady?

The Brady Bunch

Here's a story about a man named Brady... again.

Vince VaughnJoining the remake/reboot craze so prevalent in film and television, Vince Vaughn is co-developing and executive-producing a new spin on the classic sitcom The Brady Brunch, which ran on ABC from 1969-1974 and spawned a plethora of television movies, reunions, spin-offs, and a musical, as well as a pair of feature film parodies starring a recast family including Shelley Long and Gary Cole.

This series, being developed for CBS by Vaughn's Wild West Picture Show Productions, will focus on youngest son Bobby Brady, now grown up and divorced with children of his own. In an incredible moment of happenstance mirroring his family's union, Bobby meets a single mother with her own kids and in a twist from the original series, they have a child together. Reflecting the changing family dynamics of the 21st century, the ex-spouses are still involved in the lives of the newly-remarried Bradys.

The next-generation Brady Bunch will be scripted by Mike Mariano of My Name Is Earl and Raising Hope, as Vaughn came up with the concept and joined with Mariano, who will also serve as executive producer with Vince, Victoria Vaughn, Peter Billingsley, and Lloyd Schwartz, son of original creator Sherwood Schwartz. Much like CBS did with their reboot of Hawaii Five-O, it is expected that the well-known theme song of The Brady Bunch will be reworked for a new audience. 

While no casting has been announced as of yet, I would not have a problem with Vince Vaughn having a recurring role as the ex-husband of Bobby's new bride. With his fast-talking, smarmy persona, I could easily see him fitting into that part. What do you think?

- Vince Vaughn
- The Brady Bunch

Written by: Chrononaut
Aug 6th, 2012, 5:07 pm

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i completely agree with Hamatosan and cant word it better than Ugh

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I've made it clear in past posts that I'm not jumping over the moon about all these revamps...however, with a little VV thrown in there, things could be different.....we'll see.

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