Parker Posey, Anna Maria Horsford and Nelson Franklin Guest Star on Fox's New Girl

Fox New Girl

One of the most anticipated returns for fall 2012 is Fox’s breakthrough comedy, New Girl. The show, starring Zooey Deschanel, was one of the hottest shows of the season because guys and girls could relate to the adorkable story lines between Jess and her friends. Season two is only weeks away and big guest stars will make appearances on the second season.

Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is going to have an agonizing start to the season. Let’s start with his penis cast. An injury may have hurt Schmidt’s mojo but at the beginning of the second season he will get it back and celebrate in a big way- with a penis cast removal party! At the part fans can expect to see indie goddess (before the days of Deschanel)  Parker Posey playing a shot girl who Schmidt eyes up. The role was intended for Leslie Mann, but she had to pull out last minute due to a scheduling conflict.

Despite running into the shot girl at the party, Schmidt is also going to face some tension when CeCe falls hard for her new boyfriend Robby, played by Traffic Light’s Nelson Franklin. It’s likely there will be some conniving to win CeCe’s affection between Schmidt and Robby, but let’s be honest- it may be the glasses, but how cute would Robby and Jess look together?! CeCe’s not the only one getting a new love interest. Jess will also fall for a mystery man played by David Walton. Alright, maybe they’ll look adorable together, too.

Since we already have Schmidt at witts with Robby and dealing with an injury, why not add one more stress to his life- a visit from Winston’s mom, Charmaine Bishop (Anna Maria Horsford). Charmaine is loud and willing to speak her mind, especially when it comes to Schmidt and his questionable attitude towards women and life.

Excited for the return of New Girl? The show’s sophomore season premieres September 25 on Fox.

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Written by: mawarner
Aug 6th, 2012, 7:35 pm

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