House, ER vet joins Mob Doctor

Shohreh Aghdashloo

Shohreh Aghdashloo, a veteran tv actress who has been on ER, FlashForward and House, has signed on for a recurring part as Dr. Jayana Baylor on the new Fox drama The Mob Doctor. Jordana Spiro is the star of the show, which follows a surgeon who has to work with the mob to pay off a family debt even if it puts her - and her friends and loved ones - in danger.

Aghdashloo also famously played Dina Araz, a member of a Los Angeles terrorist cell, on the show 24 during its fourth season.

This is how Dr. Baylor is described, according to Entertainment Weekly:

"A legendary cardiothoracic specialist, Dr. Baylor returns from an Oxford sabbatical to Roosevelt Medical Center in order to perform a groundbreaking cardiac autotransplantation. Coming up through a chauvinistic hospital system, Dr. Baylor has learned to walk quietly but carry a big stick. Beautiful and sharp-witted, Baylor is a passionate surgeon who’s allergic to BS. To the novice, this refusal to suffer fools can appear hard-hearted, but to the people who know her, she simply wants to put fairness and her patients first."

Are you going to give The Mob Doctor a chance? I haven't heard a lot about it yet, but I'm a little worn out on all the medical dramas on TV. Will this one stand out?

- The Mob Doctor

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Aug 8th, 2012, 12:09 pm


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I like this actress.  I saw her on HOUSE and really liked her acting.  I haven't heard a voice like hers since Tallulah.  Other than HOUSE, I can't stand medical dramas.  I thought ER was very overrated, and GREY'S, boring.  I don't understand the popularity of cop shows, either.  Or why "the public" is so fascinated by organized crime.  I love Marlon Brando, but I'll take Gone with the Wind over The Godfather, any day.

Yet, the brief teaser I saw on it has me intrigued.  This show sounds like nothing that's been done on TV before.  That alone deserves attention.  I'll check it out, if it fits into my schedule.  The fact that this lady with the deep voice and long name is in the cast is a big plus.

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