Craig Ferguson Says Goodbye To The Late Late Show Studio

Craig Ferguson

Last night marked the very last broadcast of The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson from Stage 58 in CBS Television City Studios in Los Angeles. But fear not, robot skeleton hobo army, as Craig hasn't been canceled. He's just finally moving on up to a bigger studio, one right down the hall in fact. While he finishes up the move, The Late Late Show will go on hiatus starting tonight, and return on Monday August 27th.

The Scottish comic has occupied Stage 58 since he took over TLLS from departing host Craig Kilborn back in 2005. Ferguson's half-serious complaining about his accommodations in the "damp CBS basement" has been a constant fixture of his seven plus year run on the air, and during last night's monologue, Craig said goodbye to the old place in his usual irreverent way - 

"Seven years of me complaining about what a dump this place is. Finally somebody at CBS heard me.  And today they sent me a little note.  It said, looking forward to the next chapter in our relationship. It kind of bothered me though because they wrote my name over Katie Couric’s. I have a lot of fond memories here. There was the time the power went out. And then, the time the roof leaked. And then, the other time the power went out, again.  But now we’re moving down the hall, where it has the exact same electrical system and the exact same roof.  We’ll be livin’ the dream! One thing that’s exciting, we’re gonna have a bigger audience. It won’t really make a difference; it’ll just be more people not laughing. But the new studio’s gonna be super high tech. We’ll have these new fancy gadgets they have at all the TV shows now, they’re called lights.”

Ah, Craig, please never change. As a long time fan, I am so glad that the show is getting a bit more respect from CBS. Despite the tongue in cheek nature of most of Ferguson's complaints about the network, his show really isn't promoted much, and the lighting really isn't that great. He's been due for a "promotion" for years now. The Late Late Show is truly unlike any other talk show on television, all due to Craig's unique style of deconstructionist humor.

Do you watch The Late Late Show? Are you happy that Craig is getting a better studio?


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Written by: msd85
Aug 9th, 2012, 9:41 am


Message Posted On Oct 12th, 2012, 9:52 pm
Lately there is a CBS executive there criticizing his ostensibly violating CBS censor guidelines... Wonder if they are going to cancel the show???

Message Posted On Aug 13th, 2012, 3:59 am
I truly am so happy that I did a dance. Craig literally is the best host on tv to date and quite frankly I think he deserves to be on a better network, perhaps replacing Jimmy Kimmel at ABC or Fallon at NBC? I know that Letterman is Craig's boss but I think this is a rare case of the apprentice becoming the master. I mean heck if someone wises up at the networks, perhaps Craig will even get a daytime talk show, although I would hope he revives his spikey hairstyle he was sporting back in 2010 during the Olympics.

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Message Posted On Aug 10th, 2012, 3:38 pm


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