Dexter Season 7 Poster Reveals New Wounds

Even after an incredibly uneven sixth season, anticipation is high for the upcoming seventh season of the Showtime series. And it should be, with the cliffhanger that the season 6 finale, "This Is the Way the World Ends," left us with. After all, Debra finally discovered that Dexter was a murderer when she witnessed him dispatching serial killer Travis (Colin Hanks). "Oh, God," Dexter said, cheekily referencing the religious themes of season 6 while also setting up the theme of the seventh. Now that Dexter's murderous acts (or at least, one of them) is no longer a secret, how will he deal?

As the season seven promotional poster puts it, "He saw. She saw. It's all on the table" (because he killed Travis on a table. Get it?).

The recently released promo poster -- finally shown its entirety after a few days of teasing fragments being released -- is a close-up of Dexter's face. But there's something new -- a small cut right under his right eye that's slowly oozing blood. Aside from the fact that it looks a little like bad photoshop, what are we supposed ot make of this poster?

Well, we could take it literally, and imagine that "Are You...?" the season 7 premiere, begins with Debra physically attacking Dexter out of fear, and cutting open his face. That's certainly possible, though it's a little bit on-the-nose for an interpretation of Dexter's usually stellar posters.

It seems that the way we're supposed to interpret this poster is that Dexter's facade has been broken. The face he presented to his family has been found out; it's not the true Dexter. The mask he usually wears has been broken.

What do you think? Do you buy into my interpretation of the new Dexter poster, or do you have one of your own?

Dexter season 7 premieres September 30 on Showtime.

- Michael C. Hall
- Dexter

Written by: mcpherson
Aug 9th, 2012, 10:04 am


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Message Posted On Aug 9th, 2012, 12:37 pm

I think we are reading too much into a simple poster.


Message Posted On Aug 9th, 2012, 12:33 pm
It seems to me that Dexter has been cut for a blood sample in the same way that he takes a blood sample from each of his victims.
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